S/S 2011 Space

In giving you a see-through plastic jacket, I’m almost certainly moving beyond my tenet of “things I would wear”. I’d have worn it as a teenager, though. In a second. And there’s just something about transluscent plastic clothing that I find extremely pleasing, despite my otherwise severe tastes.  I guess there’s no concealing what decade I grew up in.

The space onesie shirt (in the first drawing) is my favourite item of all. The panels would be slightly different shades of black, arranged together so the ribbing of the jersey was angled in various mis-matched directions for a subtle texture effect.

Here’s the inventory again.


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7 responses to “S/S 2011 Space

  1. Transparant plastic coats will forever remind me of Blade Runner’s Zhora crashing through those shop windows while getting shot, topless in her seethrough coat.

  2. sachikopivot

    Are the hidden pockets for secret shinies?

  3. DaleJJJ

    I’d imagine that the perfect variety of clothes only have one size: Perfect, right?

    • Marian

      The Hchom line would come in every size imaginable (because all sizes are perfect). Actually, next time, I should have some differently-shaped goblins, shouldn’t I.

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