S/S 2011 Fins, etc.

You all know I don’t wear skirts and dresses. But I might, if I could find any that met my precise needs and wants. More likely they’d end up in the back of my closet, but I’d admire them from there.

My more practical desires are for weather-appropriate onesies. And a bathing suit. I haven’t bought a bathing suit since I was about 17.


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14 responses to “S/S 2011 Fins, etc.

  1. kim

    i love a jacket worn as a cape!

    superman should take some notes!

  2. clatterbug

    Ever seen a Chameleon skirt? Turns into a cloak, a dress, a blouse, pants, three more kinds of dresses, a sleeping bag, a carry-pack, hooded cape… I have one and I just love the heck out of it.

    Why the dislike of dresses/skirts anyway? I find them supercomfy and versatile in general, so I’m curious where they fail for you.

    • Marian

      I should definitely clarify that I don’t dislike skirts/dresses in general! I really admire how well other people look in them, and I frequently want to emulate that, but I feel so personally self-concious and ridiculous whenever I try. I’d love to get over it, if only to have the option. And I agree that they’re comfy, until I have to walk somewhere, at which point I either get tangled in the fabric with every step, or the whole thing just starts to ride upwards. I feel like it’s a skill I missed out on, like how to put on makeup.

      I’ve never heard of a chameleon skirt. It sounds like it involves dark magic.

  3. monique r.

    i’m with you on the skirts. i feel like an imbecile in them. at some point in my life, i was able to wear them…and I do have one that I like for when i HAVE to get dressed up. I think my personal aversion to them is IN PART the degrading nature of the imminent potential for too high thigh or VAGINAzone exposure. Something about them always looks sort of “DUMPY” to me, slouchy and not tailored enough?

    One thing i wish for in life, is a stretch material for pants that allows full range of movement without bagging out but doesn’t look like “stretch” fabric. this seems impossible though.

    • Marian

      I had to wear skirts with a uniform all through high school, so you’d think I’d have gotten used to it. Maybe that’s part of the problem.
      And you’re right, crotch exposure is a major contributor here. Sitting down suddenly becomes terrifying, even if the skirt or dress isn’t all that short – that’s where practice must help, I guess.
      I think skirts can look perfectly tailored and shaped when standing still. But like I said in my reply above, it’s moving in them that I have trouble with. How do people avoid the catching and the bunching/having to constantly tug the thing down? I wish I knew.

      And I hear you about the magical impossible pants fabric. Go go science.

  4. Kirk

    Bathing suits are dangerous. I once bought a pair that felt like the right fit, but when I took that first dive into the pool…well, turns our they weren’t as good a fit as I originally thought.

    • Marian

      Hah. They are dangerous for this reason, among many others. Best to avoid them altogether, before they try to avoid you.

  5. Ruth

    Are there pockets in the onesie? That is awesome. Pockets for everything!

    I wore a kilt for school too, and I still don’t feel comfortable wearing skirts In Real Life. It is strange how that works.

  6. i really wanna make a pocket apron! i’ve wanted to make one forever. I like this line, I’d buy the entire thing!

  7. I want the aprons real bad.

  8. For what’s it worth from a stranger, you have great taste. I am really admiring #4 and #8 – I think asymmetry in clothing can be tough when it’s more than an asymmetric pocket, but you made it look so natural there.

    Someone mentioned Uniqlo on one of your more recent posts – if you visit NYC, Uniqlo is a great place to shop. My lady shares similar clothing reservations and gets a lot of her stuff there – great basics for reasonable $$$, not New York-priced at all.

    • 12. Keep it Simple! One readers says, “If three gifts were good enough for Jesus, th71e#82y&;re good enough for our kids.” Simple Gift Giving Philosophy and Keep it Simple Sweetheart.

  9. This wass lovely to read

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