Brandon and I have just moved apartments, which explains the lack of posting. This month is also unusually deadline-heavy. With a rare and excellent kind of deadline, fortunately – that is, the kind that doesn’t make you hate your life when it’s 4am and you still aren’t finished for the day. But deadlines are still deadlines, you know? Angry gods that demand ritual cosy behaviour and frequent sacrifices of many baked goods.

And there’s something about the combination of both immediate deadlines, and emergent move-related nesting instincts. It results in unusually strong material wants. Like two waves in phase meeting at the crest to produce one giant wave of selfish, selfish, shrieking yearning. So I think that I’m actually going to have to put aside the month of April, and dedicate it to all the things I want.

Guys. It is a lot of things.

So let’s start. First of all, and perhaps most reasonably, I’d really like a package. The above assortment: many fine little things that would pair well with some hefty, familiar fantasy novel from my childhood. I’d demand that my sister make it for me, but that would be a dick move just right now as she’s flying to Prague in a week for a forestry conference. Prague! Damn that girl.

It would be a dick move, right? Probably? It probably would.


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13 responses to “Package

  1. that’s a fair list of desired sundries. but no pie?!?!?

    • Marian

      Fair question. Mainly this is because “packages” originated from my sending boxes full of tasty things to my sister, when she was at school in Ontario. Now, though we live in the same city, the idea that they are semi-non-perishable somehow persists.

      Also, if somebody makes you a pie, then the gesture really doesn’t require any elaboration. The pie stands alone!

  2. Kallisti

    Look at your posts, they’re just gorgeous.

  3. Kai

    There’s a ridiculous shiny things store around the touristy area of town, I could probably find you a shiny there if you want. They probably have quite a few things on your list around town, actually. I doubt I can make a complete package though, it’d take some ridiculous searching.

    (but seriously, I’d love to send you something. I’d be the least I could do for how much I love what you make.)

    • Marian

      There are only two times I’ve ever turned down a shiny. Once when I wasn’t there, and once when I wasn’t asked.

      But seriously, I’m so pleased you like my stuff. No obligations whatsoever – I draw pictures of things I want purely out of the kindness of my greedy heart.

  4. Matt

    Your fancy vanilla bean soda reminds me that you can make vanilla extract by just sticking some beans in vodka and letting it sit for a while. I’ve done it myself and suggest you try it, because making things with vodka seems inherently cool, and any process by which you can do virtually nothing and end up having made something is also pretty great.

    • Marian

      I’ll have to make my sister try this. I’m too much of a cheap cow to buy the two ingredients myself, but she has a graduate student’s income, which makes her approximately a millionaire by my calculation.

  5. Speaking of fancy jams, Rhubarb and Ginger jam is incredible, if you ever get the chance to try it. There’s a lot of things you can’t get in a small town, but fancy jams ain’t one of em!

    Also, I always hear that American chocolate is rubbish. Is it the same in Canada?

    • Marian

      Anything with rhubarb is something that I want. I bet it’s easier to find fancy jams in England, in general.

      It’s sort of the same. Weirdly, this is a discussion I frequently have with friends. I think that US Cadbury chocolate is actually made by the Hershey company (ie. rubbish [not that there’s anything wrong with liking rubbish chocolate]). I think Canadian Cadbury had the same production standards as UK Cadbury for a long time (or maybe was just imported?), but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. But yes, any Canadian chocolate that is produced in the states (which is to say mass-produced, since obviously there are still really good smaller companies) isn’t much good.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s a legal requirement for any woman in the UK over 60 to join the Women’s Institute to make jams and cakes wherever they’re in need, so we’re generally stocked up.

        It’s too bad on the chocolate front! Cadburys chocolate is overrated anyway, it’s mainly sugar and vanilla. Green & Blacks is one to go for, given the chance. The only *really* bad chocolate I’ve tried had geranium essense or something else flowery and horrible. Not great!

  6. nout

    For shame!
    Chocolate made by French women? Really?
    Belgium is where you need to be for chocolate. French wouldn’t know what to do with a cocoa-bean if it sprung roasted from the tree.
    That’s 2 things I’ll enlighten you with when you ever get here ^_^

    Be seeing you

    • Marian

      Hah. Well, if there is ever a Belgian chocolate shop in Vancouver, I promise you I will frequent it! Otherwise I’ll have to wait until I can take you up on your offer.

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