Things I Want 5

I’m on the homestretch of a big deadline right now, which means total exhaustion and general uselessness at anything not deadline-related. But I’m not too useless to talk about wanting shinies.

I very rarely wear or buy jewelery, but I often walk past jewelry displays, and fantasize about prying all the stones off the settings. You know, for my hoard.

A good shiny amulet could change my mind, however. I’ve had my eye on these for a while (it’s hard to avoid them, as they are beloved by the internet), but even ignoring the impossible price, the bullet casings are something that teenage Marian would be very enthusiastic about, but adult Marian less so.

More recently, I found the designer Stone and Honey, who makes, as you can see, the most perfect shiny amulets ever. Look, they are some serious contemporary minimalistic wizard-thief gear. Also, mine! Want! The woman who designs them is very nice, and has agreed to keep an eye out for some black tourmaline, in view of a custom order. Rent and food be damned, people, there are shinies to be had.

And now back to work.


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11 responses to “Things I Want 5

  1. my gosh, so pretttty. how i would love a teal rock on my neck, all quiet and powerful!

  2. Demo

    That website is amazing! everything they have is fantastic! i will Definitely be buying things for my girlfriend.

    i will say, im a wee bit jealous they dont have mens versions.

    • Marian

      I know, right? I will henceforth feel smug about how I have done your girlfriend a total solid, by posting this.

  3. batchix

    i recently realized that i’m a sucker for charms and dangle-y things but i almost never wear jewelry. Those crystals are so tempting but will i wear it? I think i may start pinning my charms and shinies in shadow boxes like insect collections. but will i hang them up? probably not.

  4. Off Topic:
    I know you were a fan of Dragon Age: Origins (your comics on it were quite amusing) I’m curious to hear your thought son DA 2.

    I am really enjoying it but it lacks a lot of the breadth that DA: Origins had. It feels almost clostrophobic in terms of the variety of places you can visit; one city, a mountain, the deep roads, a beach, and a mine. Your companion upgrades are incredibly limited or non-existant; Varris and his one weapon. A lot of the maps are constantly recycled to the point where I pretty much know where items will crop up as soon as I enter a new challenge.
    On the plus side, the graphics have improved immensley, the storyline is just as in depth as the original, within the one city we are allowed access there is a lot of diversity.
    Overall; I hope they do a third one and go back to a larger map with more cities and more options for companions.

  5. Hollie

    Would you be interested in trading shinies for artwork/sketches?
    I have an amethyst pendant like this:

    and small rough pieces of serpentine, emerald, selenite, apatite, & chrome tremolite.

    • Marian

      I would be pleased as all hell to trade artwork for shinies! I can’t manage a full commission right now, alas, but if there are any particular several hchom drawings that you like, I could send you those, and a sketch in trade for any shinies you deem appropriate (I don’t have any serpentine or emerald or chrome tremolite in my collection, so any of these would be most exciting).

      And sorry for the slow response, by the way- I just returned from a convention trip. Feel free to email me, if this is of any interest!

  6. It was great to finally meet you!
    I’m down with the sneaking, so naturally I’d also be a Simulacrum!

    • Marian

      Ahh, that is so rad! Your simulacrum is an earthy creature, with his rocky protrusions and tangled root-hair. So awesome to see this, thank you!

      And was great to finally meet you as well. I wish I’d been less out of it with convention-exhaustion, so I could have drawn you something better.

  7. apunkwithms

    I love this list so much <3

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