Crunky Salad

I’ve got this salad fixation, lately. It’s a totally unexpected turn of events, since for the past decade I’ve been carrying around a firm conviction that salads are something people inflict on themselves as part of some unpleasant dieting ritual. How wrong I was!

So this is my “crunky salad”, and what I’ve been eating nearly daily (at least at the beginning of every week, while the allowance is still holding up). Note that I often add a hard-boiled egg, making it, I guess, a kind of Oyako-salad.

P.S. I’m not sure why I chose a Badger as my proponent of the crunky salad, because that makes no sense at all. Blame Brandon, who is a strange badger fanatic.


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16 responses to “Crunky Salad

  1. Why, I believe that top panel is the finest goblin illo yet!

  2. kim

    honey badger don’t care.

    but i do!! always a treat when you post with goblin commentary :)

  3. Kirk

    I think salads get a bad rap ’cause most people don’t put the effort into making a solid. With a little love and effort, though, it’s easy to put together a flavorful and satisfying salad. Yours looks tasty, though I try to not use dressing if dressing can be avoided. Bacon and avocado rock, too.

    Here’s a salad recipe you can try if/when the romaine runs out: spinach, candied pecans, sliced strawberries, warm goat cheese, and raspberry vinegairette dressing. YUM!

    • Marian

      Ah! That salad is so good, I get some version of it once in a blue moon, if I get taken out to a semi-fancy restaurant. Good candied nuts are definitely up there in the high echelons of seriously-fucking-tasty.

      • Kirk

        I bought my wife these vanilla-caramel almonds a little while ago (she LOVES almonds) but sorta/kinda wound up eating the majority of them in a single sitting. The pecan pie-flavored pecans are wicked good, too.

  4. Sachi


    Flat leaf parsley (as the fucking SALAD), wild rice, dried cranberries, plumpnubs of chicken, and big chunks of feta. Then a vinagrette with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and MAPLE SYRUP.


    Spinach, candied pecans, chevre, avocado, very soft poached egg, with above dressing, and buttered soldiers to stab at the egg with.

  5. Yes to Sachi’s spinach salad, except: DUCK EGG!

  6. EruditeDragon

    That salad looks good! Then again, you do really have a talent with depicting food in an appetizing fashion.

  7. As long as you’re not putting foxtaurs in here…

  8. Beetroots. Always good.

  9. Sachi

    Mm, shredded beet on a salad with creamy dressing = winning.

  10. Marian can draw a mean comic

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