Goblin Market 2

And here’s some store inventory, as promised. It’s like a yuppified version of Bilbo’s larder, isn’t it? Well, there’s no hiding from yourself.

Cafe menu tomorrow.


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10 responses to “Goblin Market 2

  1. Kimi

    Can I have a small space? Large bunches of herbs hanging from the ceiling, drying, awaiting new homes in stews and on roasted meats. I am doing it now in my kitchen. So satisfying and cozily aromatic. Proceeds to be deposited into your muffin fund.

    • Marian

      Ahh! So much yes!

      I still think the ultimate life is us all living on Bowen (with chickens and goats) in some kind of pies and roasted meat cult.

      Also, I can’t wait for stew weather.

      • Sachi

        Can we have a little goblin-hobbit village? All snug and hidden on a hill, with fat little stoves puffing away inside and mugs of hot soup ladled out after a day of hearty stromping? Oh dear god. PLEASE? CAN WE?!

  2. Why must you taunt me with what might never be (I really, really hope you suddenly become very rich).

  3. EruditeDragon

    You know, I think I actually have a few shinies like those…

    Also, homemade licorice? Yummy! Sometimes I feel like I’m one of 5 to 10 people who actually like black licorice…

  4. I’d buy everything in that store in a heartbeat (if I too had a million dollars). This warms my soul because it’s so passionate and awesome, and at the same time makes me a little sad because it’s not real. But you drew it all and described it, so now it exists a little bit, because you can share it with us.

  5. Aida

    This makes me so happy :,) I don’t even mind it being fiction, I’m fully content just looking at it and daydreaming.

  6. ola

    youre making me wish beyond anything that this existed. the cafe too.(except for the sheepskin. those poor sheeps.)
    and, im going bakery hunting tomorrow in your honor for some breads like the ones you mention throughout this blog… consider me inspired ;)
    wishing you muffins and shinies,
    ps. i totally understand your affinity to shinies, although my version is more like acorns and leaves and feathers and other such things. and i get how you design food for adventures. i think id like to meet you someday…? i feel like were too similar for us not to.

    • Marian

      I hope your bakery hunting went well. I also do a lot of picking up leaves and nuts and feathers (though they aren’t so nice here in the city) so I will actually make an attempt to represent more of that.

      And what is this big internet for, if not to meet the people who are weird in all the same ways as you. So perhaps we will.

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