Goblin Market 3

And here’s the cafe menu. If I could wake up every morning, and stumble downstairs to be presented with brisk coffee and a softboiled egg with buttered toast soldiers… well. It would be hard to find fault with life.


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13 responses to “Goblin Market 3

  1. Kimi

    No big, black cauldron of stew bubbling over the fire?

    I know you are a Comic Artist, but if you ever wanted to supplement that life, I think a place like this would actually make good coin, especially since you would design the interior which would therefore be deeply satisfying in a way that no place is in Vancouver. Maybe a project for your 40s?

  2. Phew, you had me worried with the lack of cake in the last posts. Can you get Fentiman’s Cola over your ways? It’s like liquid cola bottles (the sweets) and tastes soo damn good.

    Seeing the adventure spread reminds me of the food available at the Eden Project in Cornwall. They have an onsite bakery where you get big bits of cake and baked goods served on chunky bits of wood (a highlight is the roasted vegetable-filled savoury Danish).

    It’s pretty much like the world’s biggest greenhouse, and in the Mediterranean biome they serve mugs of stew, in the Rainforest section they have amazing smoothies and outside they serve paella from those massive pans. Also, it generally feels like the future when you’re in that place.


    • I got what you intend, thanks for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. “You must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and exeeniercps.” by Constantine Peter Cavafy.

  3. EruditeDragon

    …If you excuse me, I’ll be over here drooling… I swear, I can actually taste some of this food…

  4. John Christ

    mmmmmm crunky salad!

  5. Beautiful posts! Perfection in every bite.

  6. I’ve just been on holiday in Wales where we would buy our eggs freshly laid straight from the farm. Never tasted better. Plus home smoked bacon. Also Wales had castles and birds of prey, so couldn’t be better.

  7. Sister

    YOU POSTED THIS WITHOUT CONSULTING MEEEEE!?! We had plans sister and it also involved soup,stews, bread (why is there no fresh bread?) and cinnamon buns. I go away for one week, grumble grumble

  8. may have just drooled a bit…especially over this ‘crunky’ salad item

  9. angela

    i bought brown bread with walnuts in and thought of you =)

    i like that like every item includes or is something bready.

  10. Ana

    I would eat here every day. every. single. day. Also, I could totally live in your drawings, they are so luscious.

  11. Dear Ms. Churchland,
    Dude your work is soooo great! My boyfriend got me your Elephantmen book for my birthday a few days ago, and it is such an obsession. Can’t stop looking at it.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you ! Love your artwork – keep it up!
    Katie Brier

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