Impossible Jacket 7

This is a Bedford Jacket. It’s made by Engineered Garments, which is a brand I love – and a menswear brand, all the better. I have a winter coat by them, altered to fit my lady torso, and it’s the best coat ever. So what I want now, since what we have is never good enough (and really, the coat is getting a bit worn at the cuffs…), is a version of this Bedford jacket in a heavy wool flannel (and a nice dark navy, if you please).

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere – only hints that it exists this season. I’ve seen it in navy cotton canvas, and in navy wool serge, but not in the flannel. This is where having some kind of jacket agent in New York would be helpful, I expect. Jacket agents! Why isn’t that a real thing?

Also, while I’m free and easy with the unreasonable demands, I’d like some bright yellow gentlemen shoes. For my Urban-Dandy-Tom-Bombadil cosplay project, you understand.


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18 responses to “Impossible Jacket 7

  1. kim

    having such yellow shoes, you get to see a sunrise everytime you kick your feet up!

    marian, i love your wonderment with pockets. one of my favorite dnd magical items is a robe of useful items. you’re always creating such magic with your illustrations. thank you!

    • Marian

      I’m so glad you like the pockets and so forth, because I worry that I get repetitive with that stuff – well, of course I get repetitive, but I worry that it gets a bit dull for everyone but me.

      And yes, all I want in life is a Jacket of Useful Items!

  2. Sister

    I have brought you one step closer with that uncracked geode and apple chips.

    • Marian

      The uncracked geode is a tribute to you, of course!

      And the apple chips are wishful hinting on my part…

  3. Sachi

    And her shoes were yellow!

  4. If you start with Jacket agents you’ll need pie agents and flan agents (I’m a flan of his work) what you really need is a Gentleman agent, Agent-tleman if you will.

    I might just be your local muffin agent though.
    Only the finest you seeee.

    • Marian

      Come on, muffin agent! Quit slacking!

      Agent-leman… well, you are smart and pretty, even if you haven’t brought me a muffin since dinosaurs walked the firmament.

  5. Guest

    Inventory stockroom in gastown might have it. There’s one in a similar style on their website.

    • Marian

      Alas, they sold out of my size weeks ago, or I’d have investigated further (and figured out which organs I need to sell in order to raise the funds).

  6. Ωmega

    Hey! Hey, person! I just wanted t’let you know… I really like your work! (Despite having never seen anything of yours beside this blog Ω_Ω); Just… has… a really nice aesthetic t-to it >_>

    It’s pretty awesome, see <_<

    ((I… I have nothing constructive to add to this newspost))

  7. Sophtee

    I read this post then came across this link randomly on tumblr. Perhaps you could make your yellow gentleman shoe dreams come true! o: They have kind of a neat weathered look, too. Like they’ve been on adventures. (PS: I love your art/blog!)

    • Marian

      Those really are the perfect yellow, aren’t they. I wish I could combine that exact colour, with the shape of my beloved brand Zeha. Then it would be the ideal Marian shoe.

  8. Adam

    Love this. I have like 8 bedfords lol.. Im so weak for EG

  9. VB

    Just letting you know I believe the bureau still has what you’re after:

    PS Love the blog

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