Adventure Season

I’ve been waiting for autumn to begin, as usual, since early July. This year I tried to embrace the full summerness of things, but I couldn’t really manage it. Autumn is when the adventures begin – when the shinies, deep in their caverns, are waiting to be pried loose and carried home.

And being the material creature that I am, the season has its attendant needs and wants. Let me, ahem, highlight a few from the list above…

1. This Danish fisherman’s sweater is one that I’ve been obsessing over since almost a year ago. Plus, a commenter has vouched for it as being the best sweater ever. When I think about how much the taxes and border fees would amount to, I cringe. Cringe, and… maybe get it anyway, thereby bankrupting myself forever? Better to die destitute and happy (and warm)?

2. Toe socks. They have turned me completely around on socks (which I’ve never liked wearing) and now I want a full compliment of them.

3. The leather tool kit was in fact modeled after this toiletry kit. Sure, it’s totally over-the-top as something to put your toothpaste in (maybe the toothpaste costs $200 as well), but as a goblin tool kit? Totally reasonable. If I had a nice big sheet of leather, I’d try to make one for myself.

4. A giant jug of apple cider. You know the huge glass ones at the store? Inevitably pricey, but promising to be tastier than anything you’ve ever had before? At least, that is what they seem to be promising whenever I see them. Perhaps I’ll get one when Skyrim comes out, and take swigs from it during the loading screens.

By the way, I’ve finally added a Vancouver section, which can be accessed via the big tab on the sidebar. I’ve just got a few places in there right now, but I’ll be adding more over time.


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26 responses to “Adventure Season

  1. Really – given the simplicity of the design – $190 is outrageous. I am all for making sure we leather-workers get paid adequately for our work, but taking the piss is taking the piss.
    For approximately $137, you could go here:

    and get a beautfiul stoned-oil hide that would probably make you 4 of those bags – and much nicer ones than the pic as well…

    • Marian

      For my part, I agree. I find the simplicity appealing, but even as somebody who will pay through the nose for (what I judge to be) quality, that seems beyond reasonable.

      And thank you for the link – incidentally, I was looking for sinew.

  2. Marion, are you ever planning to do a full-on goblin book? Like maybe with a narrative of some kind, or even a cultural overview type of thing like Huygen’s “Gnomes” book, with cool maps and lists and diagrams and whatnot? I’d buy that.

  3. I’ve been looking for a seriously wholesome fairly authentic decently priced Japanese restaurant in Vancouver for a while now, there’s a nice one on 4th and Macdonald across from the Safeway.

    The whole legit nom bento, none of the california roll flim flam. Would die if I could find a place that made onsen eggs!

    • Marian

      I’ve always wanted to try onsen eggs! Tell me if you ever find them here.
      I’ll check out the place across from the Safeway some time when I’m in that neighborhood.

  4. kim

    Newt be a fine rowing vessel! as in all things, seems like home, what with all yon goblin details. :).

  5. I love these posts of yours. I adore these little details you add to the gear, like the way the seedcake and toolkit are bound, etc. in fact, you’ve inspired me to add a page of intricatedly laid out travel/adventuring gear in the comic I’m working on. I’ll be sure to send you a link once I’ve finally started uploading it.

  6. monique r.

    dude just buy the friggen sweater…america!!!!! credit cards!!!!! doom future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if it makes you feel any better more encouraged i bought a pair of $260 CDG shoes earlier this season and all i have to say for myself is: *SHRUG* FEELS GOOD.

    • Marian

      That’s the thing, right? I can never seem to feel guilty about spending that money on really nice things that I earnestly want. Which is mostly good, because guilt is frequently silly. But less good when you’re in rent survival mode.

      I think this sweater is a wise and practical purchase, though, and an investment in my cold-weather comfort. And like you said, with the versatility.

  7. monique r.

    The thing that really is great about that sweater though is the variation the buttons allow for in the shape of it: open, half buttoned, buttoned all the way up, first two unbuttoned with the collar down or up….I MEAN, YES.

  8. Derrick

    Oh gosh yes! An art/guide book on the goblins and the world they live in and their tribes and hermits and goblin underground-castles and their love of all things shiny and valuable and pretty and and and and ALL the different occupations there are and their accompanying gear and tools-of-the-trade and goblin history and ruins and future possibilities and their encounters with the stinkin’ orcs and their stinkin’ gronch coins that are anti-shinies….. done now…

  9. Sachi

    OMG, is there nothing that sweater can’t do?

    My friend has a similar one that he found in a thrift store, and it’s all I can do when I see him to not rip it off him and run cackling into the night.

  10. Sachi

    Also, I’ve been thinking a LOT about that weird arm protector/leather cardigan/strappy number Bran wears in the first episode of Game of Thrones. I think it might be Gobliny.

  11. angela

    Aww…..that sweater’s gonna stick in my brain and make it all wooly….so awesome, so ‘spensive….

    • Marian

      It is SO awesome. My friend who was visiting from Toronto actually found it in a store in Vancouver, and tried it on, and bought it immediately. I think it might be the most ideal winter sweater ever made.

  12. Ida Krog

    Wonderful! I’m danish and I have been following your blog for quite a while (very inspirational by the way), and somehow I feel strangely honored by you mentioning something danish. Quite silly.
    That sweater really looks authentic old school danish fisherman-y!

    • Marian

      I feel honoured that I have a Danish reader! Scandinavian clothing companies seem to be my consistent favourites.

  13. Mya

    iPhoneSmiles97 on September 11, 2011 @StandardAlOh, just shut up you itaummre idiot. If you want to be pro choice, than fine. I just hope you know yo are making a HUGE mistake. And watch your language. Don’t be saying that to me.

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