Hchom A/W 2011

Here is my Autumn/Winter ’11 collection for the imaginary Hchom line. Arriving, now, as if it were just making its way into imaginary stores. I actually decided to do this very much at the last minute, but I figure that I need to post something non-videogame-related before the Skyrim hysteria begins to mount past containment. October and the first ten days of November will have, ahem, something of a fantasy videogame flavour. And the second half of November will be crickets chirping. As usual, I’ll put the “runway” drawings up tomorrow.


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9 responses to “Hchom A/W 2011

  1. monique r.

    we are supposed to be S/Sing!!! lolz!

    I’m all about the coat dress. I mean, in theory, I think I’m too short to wear maxi-length stuff….and this kills me…because it’s like freedom pants. I generally wear maxi length items around the house….and then, right before I have to leave…I ditch for pants. However, this kind of solves that problem as it is something intended to be worn impermanently over another outfit, so I can carefully remove it when I get to my office, etc. GENIUS MOVE, MARIAN, GENIUS MOVE.

    Me + sewing machine to VCBC + many yards of undyed canvas, wool, cotton = dream event. (pattern making is hard as hell though)

    • Marian

      Yes, exactly! I feel the same way about it, in terms of its dress-ness. I don’t like wearing dresses, but since it can be ditched, and because it’s half-coat, I could actually maybe go for it.

      If I had rich coffers, I would sponsor this somehow.

  2. Matt

    Survival sweater is my dream garment. I’m all about the hex code.

    I initially read “Crusades” as “Cosades.” No work will be accomplished for 100ish hours starting November 11th.

  3. Oh my god, Marian! You have to start your own clothing line! You must! I’d love to see a series of clothing that you would dress Brandon in, ehehehe.

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