Art Sale

I’ve put together some packs for sale, which you can browse below. I wanted these to be as much like art care packages as possible, because receiving a nice package in the mail is the coziest thing ever.

I’m also selling Northlanders pages on the cheap. I put more-than-usual energy into these pages, I think – I could draw rustic medieval subject matter forever and not get tired of it (plus, I was feeding off of my bottomless Skyrim hysteria, Viking-wise).

There are three gnomes available. I might have gone a little overboard with the gnomes (like for instance,  inventing a runic gnome alphabet… )

This month feels timely for an art sale. Brandon and I have both been trying to work as much as possible on our personal projects this year (and next year as well, we hope), so I’m trying to get some bills paid, and ensure our survival in general. How that ended with me sewing gnomes for a week straight, I’m still not entirely certain…

Also, our friend Robin McConnell runs a website where he sells Brandon’s work and my larger, fancier stuff – Beast pages and comic covers. If you buy something from him during October, I will happily include a coloured sketch of whatever you like.

The selection isn’t definitive, so if you have a specific request for a Beast page or King City page, or anything like that, feel free to ask!

If you have a question, or would like to buy something, send me an email at:

I should add: I’m taking payment via paypal, if that works for people. Canadian funds are ideal, but I’ll also accept US dollars.


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10 responses to “Art Sale

  1. Wow. These are great packages! Sadly, I live on the other side of the globe, so the shipping costs might kill me, Ms. Churchland. Good luck on the sale, though! and congratulations to the buyers of your work!

  2. Ωmega

    I definitely know what I’m asking for on my birthday :D

    • Marian

      The pickings are getting pretty small, but I’ll certainly do whatever I can. Birthdays are sacred, in the world of Marian!

  3. Lacey

    Will you be selling gnomes and their accoutrements at a later date?

    • Marian

      Probably not, because they take such a long time to make, but who knows. If I do them again, or something like them, it will be a compulsive, of-the-moment thing.

  4. I tried to send you an email and the email bounced–

    Jackie Estrada

  5. Have you/would you ever consider doing something like a blind box set/vinyl toys of those gnomes? I’d buy.

  6. Meant to write here earlier- but thanks so much for the art pack! Awesome awesome drawings, so happy I ordered some.

    Thank you!


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