Thank you very much to everyone who ordered a package, and also to everyone who hawked them around for me. The gnomes and the big packs are all sold, but I’ll offer Northlanders pages and small packs until the end of October for anybody who wants to get in late.

And since I’m up to my nose in sketches and package-making, here are some of the various tasty things that I found on my camera’s memory card. I blew my whole food allowance for the month (don’t worry, it wasn’t much) on the opals above, so I’m looking at those summer muffins with more than usual yearning. You know I never regret a good shiny, though.


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  1. EruditeDragon

    You know Marian, I really need to learn not to read your blog on an empty stomach… it’s making me hungry, especially that lemon pie… mmm….

    • Marian

      I should have an official warning, suggesting that people read my blog only after having consumed ample quantities of pie/muffins/hotbutteredtoast/etc.

  2. Bacon on a bagel with cream cheese is a recent discovery for me. I think its the perfect terrible thing to do when you have been eating healthy for a while.

  3. IS.. is that smoked salmon. Oh how I miss them.

  4. Matt

    Miss Churchland, you eat the most scrumptious-looking pastries. You make me want to bake.

    • Marian

      Do it! Speaking for myself, greed is the only thing that can get me baking, and that is rare enough (except at Christmas, when I’m briefly overcome with an uncharacteristic wish to share).

  5. David Bird

    Where did you get the “Crow Bar.”

    • David Bird

      Sheesh! Add a question mark to the end of my last comment, please and thank you.

      • Marian

        It’s a local chocolate-maker I think? At least, they sell them at fancy grocery stores here in Vancouver, and I’ve never seen them anywhere else. They are very tasty, I must say (but also very pricey – such is life.)

        • October 8, 2011 I’m so happy you weren’t hurt! That looks like rough dagmae (and completely LOL’d at your license plate blackout with sad faces!! Too funny!). I was hit by a drunk driver TWICE! Once time my car flipped three times and was clearly totaled and the other time it wasn’t as bad but my car was totaled then too… when a DD hits you (I have found) insurance companies are quick to get you off their back and cut you a check! Hopefully you will get your car looking brand stinkin’ new in no time! Keeping my fingers crossed!AND I AM LOVING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS! Have a very great and relaxing weekend!XOXOStephanie @ Blonde Highlights recently posted..

  6. Anthony

    Are there any plans to make more gnome-friends?

    • Marian

      Probably not more of the same (partly since the high-quality brown felt was something I stumbled across in a limited quantity), but it’s possible I’ll do something similar in the future.

  7. Found the Crow Bar company:
    (It looks so beautiful in the photo. I was curious myself!)

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