Skyrim comes out in six days, and it’s all that I can think about – so much so, that I thought I’d better declare SKYRIM WEEK and have done. Why fight a losing battle?

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Skyrim is a videogame which sets you loose in an enormous and exactingly detailed fantasy world, within which you can do very nearly anything (here is the trailer). It’s the fifth game in a long-spanning series, and its predecessors were largely what I had in mind when I was writing my posts about The Crossing.

Guys, I’ve been waiting for this game a long time.

So for my first SKYRIM WEEK post I’m planning my larder – both imaginary and realistic. On the 10th of November, to kill time and suppress anxiety before the midnight launch, I mean to make a serious larder pilgrimage, and collect enough tasty things to allay starvation while I play the game for roughly a week straight uninterrupted.


The ideal larder would be, you know, ideal. Even though I couldn’t actually consume all of that food before it went bad. But the realistic variation is nothing to damn well sneeze at. A comic artist’s budget means a nearly meatless existence (at least for me), but I have this $20 gift certificate to Oyama Sausage – a gift from my BFF – which I’ve been saving for a rainy Skyrim. I’ve been thinking about those roast beef sandwiches for weeks.

Tomorrow night I’ll dive further yet into murky nerddom, and post a (speculative) character sheet. Just you wait.


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16 responses to “SKYRIM WEEK 1

  1. Amstrad

    Now you’ve got me wondering if I have enough flex in my food budget to splurge on some cider. It’s in season and I’d really hate myself if I missed out.

    • Marian

      I think it’s worth getting a couple times a year – especially if it’s fresh-pressed.

      Though I’m biased – I think anything that’s tasty is worth getting.

  2. Kill Screen Magazine did a pseudo review of Skyrim titled: Things I Ate in Skyrim :D

    • Marian

      Ah, I am so tempted to read this, but I must avoid potential spoilers! I’ve had so many in my obsessive all-year news-hunting, that I’ve gotten a bit paranoid.

      That is an awesome way to approach a review, though (scanning it tentatively).

  3. Emily

    Not gonna lie, I just learned how to make apple cider from scratch because of this post. Ended up with only half a mug’s worth, but I gotta say, it’s pretty good. -sips-

  4. Monique R.

    Hmm kinda hating you that I am looking at the demos for this game and I have two huge deadlines coming up… LOL!

    tangentially related: i’ve also been playing this with friends:

    I’ll have to also let them know about skyrim. Also SIDENOTE: skyrim is kinda the best name ever? w t fffff

    • kim

      call of cthulhu is the best pen & paper game there is!

      it’s been awhile, i miss the sanity checks!!

    • Marian

      Hah. Yes, I planned everything really obsessively, to make sure I had no significant deadlines after the first week of November. This game of the impossible-to-turn-off variety. Also probably the best game ever.

      And my manfriend Brandon always talks about playing The Call of Cthulu game when he was younger. I’m just getting into the pen and paper games, but I want moooore.

  5. Eric

    It’s too bad that the local drink in Skyrim will probably be mead. I’m not a big fan. Your cider idea is a great alternative.

    Looking forward to your character sheet!

    • Marian

      Yeah, I’ve only had mead once, and I wasn’t into it either (I’m still hopeful that I’ll find one I like, however. I love honey, so it should compute somehow). Anyway, I don’t hold my alcohol very well, so it’s probably for the best or I’d be getting killed by every giant rat I encountered.

  6. Cody B

    A fine assortment!

    Mine includes persimmons.

  7. Can’t you make that ginger spiced apple cider yourself?! Or pear cider…

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