My Skryim hype, boundless though it may be, lingers particularly on certain features of the game. So to please myself, and because it’s International Skyrim Week, I’m going to list them.

1. Many games have companion dogs, but Skyrim has Irish Wolfhounds. This is enormously exciting for me, you see, because my dog is an elderly Irish Wolfhound cross. Best dogs ever! Though I’m going to have to abuse the console command and make mine immortal, or there will actually be fits of weeping when it gets killed by a dragon.

2. Speaking of companions, incidentally, you can marry NPCs in Skyrim. And NPCs of any gender, which should be a “duh” thing, but since it’s been a big issue in other games, I’m really pleased that Bethesda incorporated this without fuss.
I plan to direct all my moves at the Argonians, naturally, but who knows where I’ll end up.

3. Guys, mountains. And have I already mentioned that whenever the BBC Planet Earth documentaries get to the part about the arctic (and the boreal forests, and so forth), I actually get a little choked-up and watery-eyed? I have absolutely no idea why. I’ve never been there. It just has that effect on me – like hearing live string music. I’ll stop now, before I further devastate my Bad Dude public persona.

4. The crafting element of the game is looking to be pretty robust, and I can’t wait to get at it. I’ve seen the perks for smithing, but I hope there’s also a leather-crafting component somewhere in there.

5. Lock-picking! Playing Oblivion, I never lost my desire to open every chest I came across, even though I knew they’d only contain a pair of calipers and a leek, or equivalent randomised mismatched junk. Also, my good friend Sachi has been teaching me how to pick locks in real life. I feel like this should improve my chances in Skyrim, though it almost certainly won’t.

6. And loot, of course – a game as big as this will have an enormous range of it. These sorts of games have trained me from a very early age to be soothed by the act of taking shiny objects out of pixelated wooden chests. Now it’s the only thing that keeps the cortisol at a manageable level.

7. The character creation system has a size-slider. As far as I can tell it doesn’t offer a very expansive range, especially for female characters, but it’s an option I’m always excited to see. It makes me a little more optimistic that future games will offer a fuller spectrum of diverse body-types (I know I mentioned this in my Crossing posts too, but it doesn’t get talked about nearly enough).

8. Houses, of course, filled with all my shiny things. Best of all will be the ones I mod for myself.

9. And I don’t know, everything! SKYRIM!


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16 responses to “SKYRIM WEEK 3

  1. This talk of modding makes me want the pc version. I played with morrowind mods and I enjoyed that almost more than the game (heresy, I know!). Ah well, my computer could possibly now just about handle oblivion, so that won’t be happening. Xbox ahoy!

    • Marian

      Yes, replacing a gaming PC every two years is no fun at all. Luckily (sort of) I tend to wear them out at about the same rate the GPUs start showing their age, so that’s my excuse.

      Modding is amazing like that. As if the game wasn’t catering to all my wants and needs already!

  2. kim

    marian, wish you were at my halloween party – 2 guests and then my rachel got locked in our rickety door bathroom. no prize is greater than freedom!

    you’ll always be Bad Dude with a Heart of Gold to me :)

    • Marian

      Kim, it is a BELOVED DAYDREAM of mine, that some friend will have a locked-door situation, so I can brandish my lockpicks and save the day.

      Not that I’m capable of opening much more than a simple padlock, yet. But nevermind that.

  3. Eric

    You really can role-play a human life in miniature in these games. I always start out in my “youth” with boundless enthusiasm for adventure and a sense of invincibility, as a young adult I seek out power and prestige, around middle age I start buying houses and investing long term, and I finally retire to putz around my house, admiring all the trophies of my youth and reading all the books I never had time for when I was off saving the world.

    • Marian

      You’re totally right. In my case, it always seems to be a gradual shift from lawless nonchalance to eventual nobody-but-me’s-going-to-save-the-day sober responsibility. And then retiring to putz around my house, exactly as you describe.

  4. Sister

    I think you just convinced me to play skyrim. Moss companions? SOLD

  5. Mag

    I love your blog. It is all about awesome things. Especially with your drawings: they are so terribly charming in a way that I cannot fathom. That wolfhound makes my heart melt, and I too wish to venture into Skyrim!

  6. Marian

    Thank you very much. I’m glad that came through, because wolfhounds are heart-melting dogs. I wish you success (and many shiny things) on your Skyrim ventures!

  7. Happy Skyrim Day, Marian. I bought an Xbox because you have convinced me of my need for this game! May your weekend be full of shinies.

  8. John Christ

    Thinking about buying the game but hopefully it doesn’t require that I played the originals… I hardly have the time while replaying Dragon Age for the third run through. :

  9. marian, i am enjoying the hell out these drawings. dang. i don’t know how to play video games but it’s hard to imagine being into the game as much as i am your art for it.

  10. I need to find these Irish Wolfhounds. I also have a hound(Saluki) and I love that sighthound body type.

    Skyrim is ruining my comics life. I’ve already spent almost 40 hours on the game, which is more than I’ve spent on any game since I was a kid.

    My favorite thing is the Alchemy system. I have a lab in my house in whiterun, and in my quarters at the wizard college, and I like to go in there and cook stuff up and pretend I’m in breaking bad.

    One thing I wish they had expanded more was the cooking. I don’t get why I can’t level up on cooking and become the greatest chef in the land. That would be so fun, so I think they missed a trick there.

    And lockpicking is super fun.

    What I hate though is bears. They’re always so mad at me. And I bought a horse which turned to be pointless because you can’t attack while you are on the horse, but you can be attacked.

  11. I notice there’s been a distinct lack of blog posts following the release of Skyrim. Your sketches have a lovely style – and your enthusiasm for a certain game has made me an avid fan!
    Keep up the great work!

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