Birthday List Part 2

Here is the unreasonable half of my birthday list. I’m aware that my lists always contain the same stuff over and over (and over) again, but when it comes down to it, there aren’t really very many things that I want. Just things that I want a lot.

I have managed a few upgrades this year, however. Like, why stop at one giant shiny? Make that shit into a whole shiny forest. And also, check out my fantasy adventure island. I feel bad for the real, live human NPCs who have to live in my fantasy town, selling fantasy stuff and giving out quests (I’m lying, I don’t feel bad at all). My sister also compounds for a Treasure Island-style hermit, marooned, with nothing better to do than move buried treasure from one location to another.


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4 responses to “Birthday List Part 2

  1. you could always have your fantasy isle vendors double as your quest givers but only until you’ve bought a couple of their wares!

    and just make sure you don’t have superman trying to move into your shiny forest – he might start decorating it all krypton fortress of solitude schway!

  2. Sister

    Sister I feel like if these things keep repeating I am going to HAVE to find a way to create a shiney forest, or find those first addition books. Well I have found them:
    But $8500.00 is out of my price range. Perhaps a shiney forest is more affordable…

    • Marian

      I knoooooooooooow! That is why they are on the unreasonable list. In my daydreams of unlikely financial success, I buy first edition books.

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