Birthday List Part 1

My birthday is in less than two weeks, so it’s time for our annual list. This year I’m dividing it into two parts, reasonable and unreasonable, since it always seems to fall naturally into those categories anyway.
So here is my reasonable birthday list. Very reasonable indeed, except maybe for the sunglasses, as the only ones I can ever seem to get interested in are impossibly expensive. Why are cheap sunglasses always terrible? In fact, no, here is my theory: some people just look good in glasses – whatever shitty pair they happen to pick up. And some people (I’m talking about myself, now) look terrible in glasses, and need a really exceptional pair to compensate for that. Which means, realistically, that I live in a squinting, sunglassesless limbo.


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5 responses to “Birthday List Part 1

  1. Dear sweet MTC,

    You have sunglasses dysmorphic disorder.
    In the true and harsh bitter reality we live in you’re more like the
    T-800 Terminator. You can show up in any smokey biker bar “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle” and then just grab the first pair of sunglasses you see out of the pocket the a dude who pulls a shotgun on you. And drive away to the tune of Bad to the bone.

    Buh buh buh buh Baddddddd!

  2. I kicked in on the sunny weather. Yeah, you’re welcome!

  3. to a terminator, i guess the time vortex is the birthday cake he’s jumping out of! and of course, in his birthday suit!

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