Consolation shinies

I’ve gotten bad at this, haven’t I? I’m trying to get in the habit of bringing my camera around, but my photogenic freewheeling pastry lifestyle isn’t what it used to be. So while I figure my shit out, here are a couple of interviews for you. I’m extra pleased about these, because last winter I bombed, like, five interviews, and I was expecting nobody would ask me for one ever again.

The second one isn’t about comics, but rather modding. I haven’t talked much about modding, here, but it’s like my secret obsessive other job.

Sequential Highway


Plus, check out those new shinies. That is rough black opal, on the left – most pleasing purchase of my life (all jackets notwithstanding).


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10 responses to “Consolation shinies

  1. Oh hello there! I’ve been lurking around your blog for awhile now due to our shared interests in food and pretty rocks. I just had to comment on this post because that second interview was fascinating! I play a little Skyrim when I get a chance, but on a console, so I never realized the amazing possibilities of the PC version! I wish I could bring your mods onto my playstation… perhaps with magic?

    • Marian

      I wish you could bring my mods onto your playstation too! I’m willing to bet that this will be possible eventually, with some future game.

      And thank you. Knowing I have long-time lurkers give me more incentive to kick up the dust a bit more frequently, here.

  2. Tanya

    One of my greatest dreams is for The Crossing to become a graphic novel series. No joke! Your art is fantastic.

    • Marian

      Thank you – that might be a very long-term thing, but I expect it’s not going anywhere, and therefore will happen eventually.

  3. in love with your shinies!

  4. Sister

    I am very impressed with your modding sister. I never knew that was what you did for those many hours spent in the basement while playing oblivion. They are fantastic, and so pleasing. You are so flippen talented.

  5. Amy

    That modding is wild! I am definitely going to have to get the thief pack, it’ll make playing Skyrim over again a little more interesting!!! uwu

  6. Hi there! I’m another long-time lurker, and it is finally time for me to say that I LOVE your blog! Like you, I find exquisite delight in crystals, rustic foods, Skyrim, and well-tailored androgynous clothing, so I usually identify strongly with whatever you’re posting about. =) I had no idea you were Nernie, though!! I love your thief pack! Small world. Anyway, I think you’re great.

    SUPER jealous of that opal (my birthstone!). What are the other two pictured here?

  7. Eszter
    Check these out, Marian!

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