Impossible Jacket 8



I have already written about this jacket, but it deserves a post of its own. And for me it is, perhaps, THE impossible jacket.

It’s made by a label called BORNE – long-defunct, now, but forever amazing. This one in particular is the Siren Suit Jacket, but you must accept my authority here: this designer had some kind of deal with the devil going, jacket-wise, and every single one she made was flawless. FLAWLESS.

And I YEARN for them. Let me quote myself from an old post: “my real ambition in life is to find this designer, and implore her, weeping, with fists full of cash, to make me another one, please, just one more.” And it’s still true. If I could travel through time (like a terminator), there is a lot of shit that I could fix – things that ought to take priority. But no. I would return to the winter of 2006, sell one of my plump young organs, and buy two of every jacket in this line.


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5 responses to “Impossible Jacket 8

  1. These posts make me wish my wife could draw.
    :( but also :)

  2. I think you might go nuts in this store a few blocks away from me called Black Blue (, they’re filled to the brim with impeccable boots, denim, bags, jackets and shirts of the fanciest quality! If only they sold stuff online!

  3. that looks like a jacket you could do some serious kung fu in!

  4. jlz

    I want a Grimoire, too! (excellent jacket, btw)

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