Recommendations #1: Southern Field Industries


This is the first in a new series of recommendation posts, otherwise known as… why am I typing this, it’s so bad… recHCHOMmendations.

I never tire of my myriad wants (Pies: still want them. Pricey jackets that all look the same: still want them), but they get repetitive after a while. Or at least they must, to other people. But I’m also quite pleased with many of the things I already own, and I’d like to think that I know my way around fine, day-to-day objects – if nothing else, I’m the world’s leading expert on what I like best. So now I will share some of those things.

I’m not a multiple-bag person. I only ever want one bag, so I want it to last, and to remain in excellent looks for years and years – f0r as long as I care to use it. It has to carry books, and sketchbooks, and my gigantic stupid gaming laptop, and all that crucial Marian stuff. And right now, doing all those things very handsomely, is my Southern Field Industries bag, made in Saitama, Japan. I think it looks quite striking, with the glossy leather and the waxy canvas. Every detail is pleasing, and I’ve spent a lot of time peering around the inside, regarding all its seams and pockets and subtle reinforcements with deep approval.


The reason I chose this bag to recommend first, is because it exemplifies what I like most. It is totally unfussy. All of its components exist un-self-consciously in relation to each other, which makes it all beauty and no bluster*. It is the strong, silent type. And your bag is your foremost adventure companion, so it damn well better be good.

Here I will once more link to the Southern Field Industries website and online store. Go admire their nice stuff.

*I can’t resist adding: I think that self-conscious blustery stuff is also rad. For my purposes, I can compare it to bright colour – which I barely ever wear, but really love to see.


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2 responses to “Recommendations #1: Southern Field Industries

  1. I’m always looking for a better bag to carry stuff around in, though I go for a messenger bag or backpack. my absolute dream would be a leather backpack with lots of zippered pockets/different spaces. for now my favourite is the 13″ Liquerice Bogart bag from Walk on Water. It’s imitation leather but it does look very good and it’s an ideal size as it just fits an A4 sized sketchbook/sketchpad. it’s my current bag for bringing along sketchbooks and assorted items when walking around in a city.

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