Curiosity Objects


This illustration (the original line art, at any rate) is up right now at the Gallery 33 in Amsterdam, as part of their Cabinet show. The show runs until the 20th of June, so if you’re the sort of fortunate human being who lives in or around Amsterdam, then you should go have a look.

I think this works even better if I can supplement it with a key, so I’ll provide one below.

From left to right,

1. Chunk of Pyrite that sits on my mantel (it’s not really a mantel, just a chunk of wood I put above my desk, but mantel sounds authoritative)

2. Fox vertibra I found on a farm in Ontario

3. Chunk of black tourmaline (orcish mischief).

4. Gypsum rose

5&6. A rock that my friend found in a glacier in Iceland, cracked open to reveal a secret, hidden shiny.

7. Curious scribble

8. Seashell from Saturna Island

9. Wishbone from a chicken

10. Worm eaten driftwood

11. Dirty wooden chess pawn that I found in an alleyway

12. Pearl and copper ring from my sister (not for wearing, just for hoarding)

13. Unusual piece of ammonite fossil that looks like dragon skin

14. Costume jewelry earring that belonged to my maternal grandmother (very, very shiny)

15. The original mysterious creature known as my friend

16. shrivelled old mushroom that I pulled out of a fairy circle in my nearby park

17. Sunstone/moonstone from the Ural Mountains in Russia

18. Another scribble – who knows, it just seemed to need them.

19. Agate that my sister brought me from one of her adventures

20. Slag glass from the Ohio River

21. Dried leaf from some trundle last fall – not sure why I kept it

22. Crab claw

23. Tiny jade rat that my sister brought me back from Singapore

24. Raw copper


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3 responses to “Curiosity Objects

  1. Sachikoooo

    I am so proud that the shiny I found made the list! (beam with pride)

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