Adventure Season 2


I’ve reached that point midway through summer where all I can do is flop about from one petulant heap to another and whine (whiiiiine!) about how the never ending sunshine is melting my flesh and my eyes. Go die in a fire yourself, giant death orb! I can’t openly complain about it as much as I’d like, or my friends and family (and the fair folk of Middle Earth) will start to shun me, so I’m trying to find distractions that will pull me through until September. Yesterday I unlaced and cleaned my leather shoes and boots – regardless of whether they needed it or not (what most of them need are new soles). Then I systematically tried on and admired my wool jackets and my overcoat. Today I’m doing this Fall adventures post.

I have no idea why fall is the adventure season. It might have something to do with the fact that the outdoors and the open sky are suddenly appealing once again (for me, anyway). Maybe it’s a harvesting and hoarding thing. Like, go find your treasures and store them up for the long winter, because January and February will suck if you don’t have some new shinies to fondle and fixate upon. Who knows. Fall is for adventures. It always feels like the right time to start new things and acquire new things.

I haven’t really organized this adventure pack with many specific items in mind, but I did base the knapsack off of this beautiful bag from Southern Field Industries. Of course maps and rope and a walking stick are fantasy adventure necessities, as are the standard provisions. The boots are my oldest and belovedest pair.


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10 responses to “Adventure Season 2

  1. Leia

    i am currently living in arkansas, and i can readily agree that fall (and winter) are adventure times for me. it is simply far too hot and humid in the spring and summer here. i cant stand it! this fall i am hoping to utilize my wynnchester bed roll for many camping adventures, and test my ever growing list of adventure recipies. i am eager to toss my shorts and sandals in the closet and bring out my leather boots and well worn trousers!

  2. Brynne

    At the store last night I was super excited to see a Pumpkin Fall Seasonal beer on the shelves. I bought it and then spent the evening pretending it really was fall.

    • Marian

      I always freak out when I start seeing pumpkin pies (etc.) in my pastry stores. I start harassing people about them around mid-August.

  3. Do you know about the bag company Aunts & Uncles? I think the “grumbler” backpack would be very appropriate! (mouse click to scroll right)

    I snatched one up in Paper-ya on granville island the other weekend, and it was. It was pretty much materialistic love at first sight.

  4. Sean

    I’m still looking for the perfect backpack, ideally it would be leather, with zipper closure and a flap/buckle on top of that. Just because I’m neurotic about someone opening a zipper and taking my stuff. the only one I’ve ever found is a Manhattan Portage West Side backpack, but it’s pretty small.

  5. Kameron

    Your scenes are very inspiring. Have you ever designed tattoos?

  6. Darius

    Beautiful invitation to adventure… What are cheeses? ;)

  7. shaggykorean

    september is here and there be a cold wind knocking on the dreadful heat.

    my scarfs are shimmering in their basket waiting for the wind to win back its

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