Dragon Age Week 01


You guys might remember my “Skryim Week” from three Novembers ago. Dragon Age Inquisition is another such giant fantasy game, due out very soon. I’ve been looking forward to it for years, and I fully intend to sacrifice a giant portion of my life to it, so now I must gird my loins and stock my larders.


Generally speaking, I’m not somebody who owns any lounge gear. Most of the time I’m either in jeans and shirts and sweaters, or I’m sleeping. But at 3am in my freezing winter apartment with a new game I can’t (or won’t) turn off, I face a whole different set of needs, and those needs are all solved by a onsie.

God, I love a onsie! If you’re one of those people who never really gets cold, then you may be growing bored at this point. But since I’m more amphibian than mammal, it’s pretty much the only thing that will temporarily seal in the fading warmth of my seven hot baths a day. Yes. To me, nothing is more exciting than a onsie.

So relating it all back to Dragon Age, here’s my fantasy videogame outfit. My actual onsie isn’t quite that handsome, alas! But it’s functional, and it seems to be lasting forever. For added warmth I’ll be draping myself in ancient, fetid sheepskins (charming), and boiling myself endless cups of tea that will sit by my elbow and cool to room temperature before I remember to drink them. The muffin might be wishful thinking (I’ll buy food, yes, but I’ll probably also eat it all within 24 hours).  That’s ok, I like to draw muffins.

Tomorrow: larder.


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5 responses to “Dragon Age Week 01

  1. featherling

    That unionsuit looks ahhhhmazing! I’ve been searching for the *perfect* onesie. I’ve eyed Stanfield’s, but I’m going to be getting a jockey one. It’s been so hard finding a small men’s onesie that’s NOT Santa clause red.

    • Marian

      Seriously, it was so hard finding even just a passable one that looked like it would fit. I’d really like to know how that Jockey one works out for you.

  2. The only thing that’s going to save me from immediate and total cloistering from the outside world when Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out is a lack of moneys with which to purchase said game (and the attendant need to find long-lasting work which will provide such moneys). So I’m going to have to resign myself to being one of those long-faced souls haunted by the knowledge that many of my people are out there, having fun and being moved to create DA fan art that I can’t yet fully appreciate. I’m envious of you, is what I’m saying!

    Also, I’m one of those odd people who always thought onesies were kinda, um, sexy. ._. So wear the heck out of that thing and be proud!

    …not that this is a quality that is necessary for the enjoyment of such an outfit, or that its making a person look sexy is a motivating factor to um I’m gonna stop now.

    • Marian

      That is such balls – you have all my sympathy. I hope circumstances align for you soon, so that you can get it and play it to death.

      Also you should definitely not feel odd, because onesies are super hot, no doubt about it. I mean, aren’t they? I’m going to go ahead and declare it a universal truth, and detractors can take it up with me personally.

  3. I rarely pre-order, but I’m all kinds of pysched for picking it up today! It’s like Christmas, but you already know what you’re getting, and that makes it all the more exciting? I haven’t been excited for a game in a long time.

    I have a not so fetid sheepskin myself, grey with dark grey tips, I’m actually wearing it right now at work in anticipation! I got it not too long ago at a thrift store in Tokyo and I absolutely love it’s warmth in this weather, I feel like something out of Dark Souls.

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