Dragon Age Week 02


Since Dragon Age is half set in a Frenchish fictional country (called Orlais), I feel compelled to make French snacks and pastries my loose theme. There are worse compulsions to be faced with, I’m sure.

So what do we have here. Cheese, of course. Regardless of whether it’s particularly French, cheese seems to be an ongoing feature in every fantasy game ever, and Bioware games in particular. So cheese there must be, and alongside that I’ll be getting these Raincoast Crisps, which have been the ubiquitous local fancy cracker for the last fifteen years or so. As an aside: when I was in my early twenties, I thought that the key to looking like a proper adult was to show up at events and parties bringing these crackers (and cheese) as an offering. Nowadays, the idea of me “showing up at events and parties” at all is totally hilarious. Ha! No. But the crackers are really good, and I still buy them when I want to feel fancy.

Next, I’d like all sorts of little buttery pastries. I don’t even have to elaborate, because you guys already know what I’m about. Tiny ones would be ideal – then I could get tons of them – but I’ll probably have to make do with two or three in a normal size. Also, I had to think of something else to draw, and macarons seemed appropriate? I mean, I wouldn’t kick them out of bed. Actually, macarons: pretty much welcome in my bed at any time.

Last of all we have our beverages. In reality, once I’m totally engrossed in a new game, the contents of my larder start to feel rather distant and uninteresting. So I need to provide myself with a broad assortment of things I can drink: various fizzies, and silly trendy juices that become rapidly less socially acceptable when I pour them into my, ahem, taloned goblet (look at it, it’s fucking glorious). And of course, as I said, there will be endless cups of tea. And sweet, sweet coffee.


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6 responses to “Dragon Age Week 02

  1. I love all your food art I makes me want to get out of bed and cook something!..

  2. That goblet is a thing of majesty. When others look askance at it, you can assure them that they are all the latest rage in the salons of Orlais, in that tone of voice that alerts them that some crazy geekiness is about to get started and they should really seek the nearest exit. If I had one of my own, I know I’d be using it at every opportunity, especially fantasy game-related ones.

    Those crackers are also magnificent. I’ll have to look into finding them somewhere in my own vicinity, if such a thing can be had around here. They look to be, pardon my Latin, super-duper.

  3. You are making me VERY excited for Dragon Age!! I’ve been idly planning my characters looks and personality in my head, but now obviously I need to plan out my cheese attack. Most likely St. Andre will be involved.

  4. doktorJung

    Do I spy the GODLORD goblet? Nice stocks, hope you have a good Inquisition.

  5. Skye

    Oh my goodness, have you tried the dry sodas that have been popping up in stores like Save On Foods and such? I’m not sure where you’d get them in Vancouver, but they have Lavender, Blood Orange, Lime (of course), and Juniper flavors. I don’t even like Lavender and it is my favourite beverage.

    Also, I’m so glad I checked in on Hchom. Your posts are always a delight and not-so-secret inspiration to me. Your excitement is contagious.

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