Birthday List


The annual birthday list! Not to be neglected, no matter how long it’s been since my last post.

So we’ve all been around this block a few times together, and do I even need to run through the first four items? Yes, well, I probably do.

1. Good weather. By which I mean good walking weather: not too sunny or humid, but also not raining. If I’m going to be really specific, then I want huge scudding clouds with occasional (dramatic!) god rays.

2. The birthday muffin and the birthday coffee. Brandon mocked me for this, pointing out that I buy these things almost every day, and he’s not wrong. But on my birthday I get to feel extra entitled, and entitlement makes all muffins and all coffees taste better. I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

3. The birthday shiny. My current shiny of interest is beryl (aquamarine or emerald) and I’d like a good raw hunk of it, thank you very much and don’t mind if I do.

4. Long did I debate between cake and pie! But I seem to be in a cake frame of mind just as I make this list, so I’m demanding an entire fluffy, sugary cake, possibly with a bowl of raspberries alongside.

5. A couple people have recommended this (BC based!) jewelry maker to me for her fantasy adventureish pendants, and I’d really like to add one to my increasing hoard (the hoard forever hungers). Ideally I’d commission something with my ongoing beryl theme in mind, but I like these pearl pendants as well.

6. A… phone? I was just writing elsewhere that I’ve never had a phone. Why would I want to own something that made me more socially assailable? And in particular, why would I want to carry it with me everywhere? Hiss! But I’m slowly coming around on this whole phone thing – major selling points being the camera, and the access to beloved vintage games. I’m stymied, however, by which type to choose, and it’s hard to find unbiased advice (everyone seems to be in one camp or the other). I just want one that I can play Final Fantasy Tactics on. And one that I can choose a glittery, publicly embarrassing case for… yes, you can see that my motivations are reasonable.

7. I always need shoes for walking. I wear through shoes like you wouldn’t even believe.

8. An aviator jacket! Ideally this one, by my beloved Engineered Garments. There’s a void in my wardrobe – a dark vacuum – and only this jacket can fill it (shh, don’t bring real physics into this).

9. I have this space on my wall that needs a huge painting, so ideally I’d harangue poor Brandon into taking a big, white-painted piece of plywood, and rendering me a mountain landscape. Notice how, though I complain about my own deadlines, I’m perfectly happy to saddle other people with these time consuming, work-interrupting, totally selfish demands.

10. For the (traditionally extra unreasonable) last request, I wanted to expand on the fantasy adventure island concept from a few years back; but I didn’t have time to map it all out, so here’s a sliver of horizon to summon the general feeling. We’re supposed to have a hot summer, this year, and the only way I can deal with temperatures above 25 Celsius is by fantasizing about forests and oceans.


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4 responses to “Birthday List

  1. The Android App Store is fortunately policed pretty badly, meaning you’ll have a much easier time finding emulators. I think a few do exist for iPhone but you have to change the date on your phone to run it or something weird like that.

    Happy birthday. Wishing you lots of shinies.

    • Marian

      Thanks! Shinies for everyone.

      Yes, if I get an android phone I’ll definitely have to look into emulators (though I’ve never been very competent with that kind of thing). Not only is there no FFT on google play, but all the square enix games on android require an online connection while playing. I have no personal investment in the brands, so there are pros and cons for both.

  2. L

    Ugh, I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you more for recommending that pendant shop. I’ve bought two so far, one for me, one for my QPLP. It’s so tempting to get more…

    • Marian

      Oh man, do I ever relate. I bought one a few months ago, and now I fantasize almost daily about what I might be able to commission. It’s a highlight of my week, when she updates the shop on Thursdays.

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