Stress Foods


Looking at this list, I’m convinced that that my immediate response to any stressful situation should be to crash an upper crust wine and cheese dinner party. Well. Noted for future reference, I guess.

I know the candles don’t count as food, but on the other hand you probably could consume a high quality beeswax candle without necessarily dying?

I want to hear what other people’s stress foods are.


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18 responses to “Stress Foods

  1. aq

    Trenette al pesto con patate e fagiolini (long pasta with raw basil sauce, potatoes and string beans).

  2. Kit

    My stress foods are ‘rustic’ or whatever word we are using to mean one ingredient shoved into a pot and forgotten about… mashed potato, brisket, maybe, at a push, 3 or 4 of those tiny individual portion sized sticky toffee puddings.

    I didn’t love pomegranates until someone juiced one for me – I think if I had one when I was stressed I would either eat it whole or cry on it, haha!

  3. Udon soup (sansai udon particularly,) lindt raspberry chocolate bar, walnuts dipped in honey, mango nectar, root vegetables (like turnip or potato)

  4. Wakakozake

    The most delicious umami ramen I can find, like curling up in a warm blanket. Bonus points if it’s all rainy and crummy out.

    This kind of reminds me of this cute little 2 minute anime I’ve been watching called Wakakozake:

  5. Meatball subs. For some reason, I find them comforting. Barring that, anything with marinara, including a nice baked ziti.

  6. Kiel West

    My stress food is some seedy sandwich bread dunked in a plate full of some kind of seasoned olive oil. I’ve usually got herbs or fancy mustards or special salts to jazz it up with.

  7. White bread that isn’t a loaf, with real butter. Simple pleasures, man.

  8. jossette

    Mine is something I call “a skyrim meal,” a big ol’ crusty bread with tabbouleh (not skyrim but whatever), some brie, and dried cranberries and maybe some nuts, with a big drink of cider. When I’m too stressed to get that stuff from the store I have tomato bisque with a toasted english muffin that has jalapeno cream cheese on it, or roasted vegetables because you can just cut them, put random spices, and bake them for any amount of time.

  9. Lu

    Hmm it varies, but usually something long and complicated involving replacing typically store bought ingredients with ones made by hand such as either toasting and crushingspices into a fresh spice blend, drying and then crumbling bread (homemade if my mom’s visited recently) into breadcrumbs for a meat coating, infusing oils, dry frying then grinding rice to make rice flour, etc. Basically the more complicated the recipe, the shittier the week. As is probably obvious, the cooking process matters as much as the eating part.

  10. misterneener

    For me, it’s a meal airlifted directly from my childhood, consisting of:
    -creamy tomato soup with stelline and blobs of cheddar cheese,
    -a grilled cheese sandwich (yes, more cheese!),
    -a dill pickle on the side, and
    -a glass of milk.
    This specific combination just makes me forget the adult world for a while. The only difference between when I was a kid and now is that I prefer old cheddar cheese rather than mild.

  11. StarryDawn

    For me it’s fast foods, especially pizza. Any kind minus frozen store bought honestly. Fries and burgers are A+ too.

  12. Your blog has been a great de-stressor for me! I can’t remember how I first found it, but your nimbly illustrated indulgences/pinings make me braver somehow. Is it completely weird that I like to go back and read old entries? I await your return and in the meantime will try to find a copy of Beast! Not sure why I haven’t done that sooner.

  13. Granola, hot chocolate, anything warm and comforting, almonds, whatever vegetable I can shovel into my mouth the fastest (especially if it has a nice satisfying bite).

  14. Catharsis

    A whopping bowl of tomato bisque and a slice of toast with mild cheddar cheese. I love your art by the way! Your style is wonderful and unique.

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