Dragon Age Templates


These Dragon Age character templates are old news, but I was really thrilled to see a bunch of people using them. And since the original source is gone, I wanted to re-link them for those arriving late to the DA world – or for anyone who may feel an overpowering need to rate their character’s personality according to my wondrous When Dealing With Stuff ™ System.

I know this isn’t the sort of thing I normally post on Hchom, but since what I “normally post” at the moment is best described as nothing, ever, I could probably stand to reevaluate my criteria. I even missed this year’s birthday list! Dark times.

So I’m going to try to loosen all my intricate anxiety knotwork, and return to the idea of “things I want and like, with no limits”. In fact, if you have requests, then please feel free to voice them. For example, I’d like to do an updated imaginary videogame design series, because I was never satisfied with the first run and I know I could do a better job of it. And just in general, I think I ought to post more all-purpose art and comic updates. I’m baffled as to why I never let myself do that.

Anyway. Can I tell you about my Dragon Age characters? Guys? I’m going to tell you about them!

Well, OK. As it so happens, these handy charts save me (and you) most of that trouble, but I can at least point out the two “world states” I have in play. The characters in the top row belong to my Nightmare World State (as I call it. It’s my favourite) and the bottom row collects my classic Canon World State. Should I attempt to explain world states, for people who don’t know about Dragon Age? They’re self-descriptive: they collect the characters you’ve built throughout the games; they flag and record the various decisions you’ve made, which will in turn will affect your options in future games.

Here’s a character who didn’t quite make the “canon” cut – probably because I find myself preferring the Mage and Warrior classes over Rogue, in DA:I (she’d be a shoe-in, otherwise. I mean look at her).



And here – I’d better link them at last – are the basic templates for anyone who might wish to use them. Alter as you please, of course!


Direct links to full-size images:
DA: O ; DA: 2 ; DA: I



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19 responses to “Dragon Age Templates

  1. Yessssss!!! Woohooooo! Yeah to more all-purpose art and comic updates, please, and pastries and stuff. I have to go school myself on what this Dragon Age is, but I am so happy.

  2. Chris Artiga-Oliver

    Very cool!

  3. My roleplaying group has taken to using these for our 5e D&D characters. We adore them.

  4. comic updates would be fantastic omg. I’ve always wanted to get my mitts on all your work, but have a hard time figuring out what exactly you’ve done…

    and another video game series? Lawd. I still come back to that first one you made up and read it over, like an old favorite book. another would be a dream.

    and since you’re asking for requests, I always loved that line of clothing you made up all those years ago. I understand that probably takes more time to cook up than anything else, but hey. Let me just drop this suggestion in your suggestion box.

    hope you’re doing well and not (completely utterly hopelessly) swamped with deadlines. your fans miss you over on tumblr.

    • Marian

      Enough people have brought up the clothing line that I think I’ll definitely have to do another one at some point (and you’re right, it has a longer cooking-time than anything else). The game series is a for-sure thing, sometime before the end of this year – I have to stop myself from throwing everything else aside so I can get to it right away.

      And thank you. I’m facing down two more deadline heavy months, then I’m fully let loose to do my own thing (terrifying).

  5. I would be excited to just see anything you are drawing. I’m a big fan. Your RPG fantasy drawings and goblin markets especially! Thank you for putting these here! They have been helpful for me in keeping track of my characters. I would love to see more edibles, and I would especially love to see comic updates. Your posts make me happy :]

  6. Lee

    So great to see you back! Definitely missed your posts, here and on your tumblrs.

  7. Chiming in a little late, but I’m thrilled to see you posting art here once again! You’re one of my absolute favorite comic artists/illustrators, so every new pic is a cherished gift.

    Re: the idea of “things I want and like, with no limits” – that seems to be something I have to remind myself I’m allowed to do from time to time, as well. Last time it took something of a nervous breakdown and subsequent depression to make me realize that. (Sorry if I’m oversharing!)

    And, heck yeah, you can tell me about your DA characters.

    • Marian

      Never oversharing, here! I can definitely relate to that – I feel like I’ve been through that cycle a few times. At some point that lesson has got to stick.

  8. Yay! You’re back! I think you always played skyrim on PC and I know I’ve asked you about mods and I’ve played with just a few before, but the “skyrim special edition” is super exciting to me. Probably just because I love skyrim more than anything. I’ve taken a break from playing for a few months so I can really get into it when I start again later this month. ANYWAY Do you have character sheet type things for Skyrim by any chance??? I’d love to use them!

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