Island Cover


This is the cover for the next Island issue: a more polished version of an old Hchom drawing (itself, a re-draw of an older version… probably safe to say that the “cut away home base” is one of my fixtures.)

In fact, let me see if I can round up all the previous iterations, and collect them below the cut…

There we go. My enthusiasm for subterranean boating is apparently extreme! And if there’s a psychological explanation for that, then I probably don’t want to know it. Though any underground watercourse immediately makes me think about that section of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, you know, where hooded Charon rows you around… bless that outstanding game.


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21 responses to “Island Cover

  1. where waters forget, charon remembers, two coins for passage, one for coin ops.. :)

  2. graham

    This makes me want a hchom book pretty bad.

    Like, a collection of pictures of goblins and shinies and pastries and berries and jackets printed on nice not-too-glossy paper

  3. I love all of these. Quartz tub! All of the sleeping/reading nooks. <3

  4. Ja, please do a book. I want one! Pleeease!

  5. Another call for a book here ! These are splendid :)

  6. Katie

    I like that your new tree home is much more lively (probably lovely in fall) and also that the kitchen is well secured, as one should be.

    • Marian

      I was straight up yearning for fall, as I drew this! I tried to give it that summer just about to turn feeling.

  7. I straight up GASPED.

  8. Dylan Huber

    My new wallpaper. That dragon skull protruding into the treasure trove is reawakening all kinds of fond childhood daydreams. Everything else is amazing too. As per usual.

  9. Margaret Williams

    Do you possibly sell prints of these? They are just gorgeous and I would love to put one on my wall but I can’t afford the original pages (I can afford $70 but not $700).

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