I’m in one of my deadline months – have you noticed my tendency to extend deadlines and birthdays into “months”, I guess, for a synthetic increase in drama and importance? Ridiculous. Anyway, yes, I’m all swamped with deadlines, so I figured I’d dig through my old sunken tumblr, and re-post some of its content.

I’ll start with all the sketches. I think at least 70% of this must be Dragon Age related, although look, see, I occasionally pretend to take myself seriously. The ones where I fielded random requests were particularly fun – I need to figure out a way to do that again.


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15 responses to “Sketches

  1. Deadline month! I know that pain. Well, it’s better than no work at all, to be certain…but of course, I remember how attractive everything else suddenly looks when working on a project that absolutely has to be done, and dreaming of the day when I can draw whatever I feel like drawing again (probably RPG- or video game-related, in my case).

    Thanks for sharing all of these drawings, though! They’re so awesome – beautiful, interesting, and fun.

    Good luck, and see you on the other side (of the deadline)!

    • Marian

      There’s got to be some way to leverage that thing, that automatic attraction to whatever it is you can’t yet work on. I have yet to figure it out, though.

  2. marian, who’s the couple in the third image (and the sixth)? i’ve been wondering for ages.
    and hope you dont go too crazy with deadline month…!

    • Marian

      Oh, good question. Those are two characters from Dragon Age, Corypheus and The Architect, but in their pre-blight ancient magister forms. There was a lady in the fandom who used to write about them really compellingly – that’s why I drew them so often.
      And thank you! fortunately for me, I thrive on crazy.

  3. I love seeing these again. Your dragon age drawings are the best. I loved those colored pencil ones you did too!

  4. Your dogs are always so beautiful and graceful, even when they have sockhats. I hope you’re putting fuel in the tank and not feeling too bogged down!

    • Marian

      Aw, thank you. It’s because they’re all based, more or less loosely, on my old dog. He was a greyhound/wolfhound, and looked a little bit like he’d just wandered out of Elfland.

  5. Carl Bezanson

    Love the art. Please tell me From Under Mountains #7 will be out soon.

  6. These are fantastic! I’m a huge DA fan, but unfortunately my artistic abilities are limited to music and fanfiction (and overanalyzing the games…haha?) I really enjoy seeing such loving depictions of characters (familiar and not)! Good luck with your deadlines, if that’s still happening!

    • Marian

      Thank you! Yes, deadline is done, happy to say.
      I wish I was good at any of those things (including overanalyzing – I used to spend ages in the official forums, reading people’s various theories. Good times) so there you go. With our powers combined, we’re the ideal fan.

  7. Smritirekha

    Good work

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