Deadline Wants

Am I still milking this (routine and utterly unremarkable) deadline? Of course I am. Here’s my current list of wants:

1. I’m on a hot chocolate kick, right now. I actually prefer the add water to powder stuff over the real thing, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a really fancy version of that powder, packaged in some impractical (but attractive!) vintage tin.

2. Speaking of which, remember those round tins of stacked biscuits? I’ve mentioned them on a previous want list, and they’re probably still a regular thing on other continents, but you never see them here anymore. I doubt they’re any better than your average boxed cookie, but they carry all the glamour of extinction so I can’t help but want them anyway.
Plus, it doesn’t hurt that my grandmother used to offer them to me when I’d visit her house to play Lego, and she’d only let me have one or two at a time. She was teaching me good manners, I expect. And moderation… for shame, Marian. Lessons wasted.

3. When I make these want lists, I’m often left with one blank spot. Normally I mull over it for a while, and fill it with something ever so slightly less wanted, but that always feels wrong, and worse yet, it’s a stone in my shoe forever afterwards. So from now on I’m just going to make scribbles instead. Which feels psychologically apt, right? Sort of? The vacant heart of wanting!

4. Chanterelles are really expensive this year, for some reason; too expensive for me to afford, which is surely a form of damnation. Now I’m the wraith who haunts the mushroom section of the grocery store, waiting for the price to go down, occasionally extending a pale claw in yearning, letting my wafting cloak fragments snag on the root vegetables, hissing and wailing when any creature of warm flesh approaches…

5. I so, so badly want a dog! I can’t have one for several reasons – most crucially, because my building doesn’t allow them – but I daydream about it constantly. I can’t even check the greyhound rescue site, because I get fully attached to every single dog they post, and then my sulking is proportionate to my wanting.

6. As luck would have it, my parents are going on a trip and leaving their house (which is on Bowen Island) empty just as I finish my deadline, so now I have this incredible motivator. I can’t be even half a day late, because that would steal from my limited fund of island time. This is the currency with which my soul may be purchased, in case you were wondering.

7. Shinies, of course. Today, lodolite and moss agate, because they have little forests inside them.


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9 responses to “Deadline Wants

  1. Sistarrrr

    Those were magical cookies that never went stale (or were permanently stale?).

    • Marian

      I don’t remember that part, but it sounds ominous. What I also want is for those jammy centre cookies to taste like I remember them tasting. And Nice Cookies. Remember Nice Cookies? Mum used to hide them from us.

  2. misterneener

    …I want to see a comic about the wraith who haunts the mushroom section of the grocery store.

  3. Shan

    I’m not sure where else to ask this, but with Skyrim special edition coming out in a few days I was wondering if the mods you made are still available for download anywhere?

    • Marian

      Thank you for being interested! I’m not sure if I can make those available for the special edition, though. I’ve altered them so much for my own personal use over the years, they’re a proper rat’s nest – at some point I might wade in and try, and I’ll make a post about it if succeed.

  4. Biscuits

    I found some of those biscuit tins in the supermarket here the other day. I made sure I brought some out of respect for this post

  5. Liam McKenna

    Hi Marian,
    Are there any plans for ‘From Under Mountains’ to be continued, or has it been cancelled?

    Thanks :)

    • Marian

      Hi Liam – Claire and Sandra have been working on it steadily, and I’m guessing they should be able to say more about it sometime early next year. I know it’s a long time in comic publishing terms, but it’s also really nice to be able to take your time when you can.
      Thanks for asking!

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