December Wants


Here’s a quick December want list, since it’s the month of sanctioned wanting. And before someone thinks I’m a selfish monster, my personal theory is that having a robust and healthy want mechanism actually makes you better at giving things to people.

1. I don’t love lotions, but I have recently developed an appreciation for body oils as a ritual extension of my many baths. These ones from King’s Road Apothecary are really nice, and my favourites are the conifer forest (naturally), and the rose and sandalwood.

2. I was telling my sister the other day, I’m very excited to be a butchish old lady with a huge secret collection of stones and jewellery and spangled gowns (I ought to do a post about it). And the thing I’m currently wanting for this future hoard is a proper opera-length string of sea pearls. Real vintage ones, you know, with lots of lustre.

3. I will sometimes wear (rather than merely hoard) bracelets. These silver bangles look very nice.

4. Shinies. We’re all old hands at this by now.

5. How long will I harp on about wanting a full suit? Forever, of course, because wanting only begets further wanting. Someday I’ll finally purchase one, and by then I’ll already be thinking about tomorrow’s suit; but right now I’d like something long-bodied and slightly oversized, in good grey tweed.

6. I always need socks for the same reason I always need shoes: because I rapidly destroy them.

7. My favourite type of cake (well, maybe tied with carrot cake) is proper dark fruit cake. But it’s hard to find (or make) the good stuff, because… OK, I just wrote and erased (you’re welcome) an entire paragraph about the quality and availability of candied fruit peel. Suffice it to say: it’s hard. And I want it.

8. How many times have I drawn these same oxfords on a want list? Sometimes I change the colours, but I don’t think it fools anyone.

9. Random dead plant matter!


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7 responses to “December Wants

  1. If superstition is to be believed it’s harder to find a good fruitcake because so much is reliant on the weather it’s stirred in. I’m not a massive fan of the stuff, but the only one I ever really, really enjoyed the maker swore because from what I remember she said she fed it when it wasn’t raining, which in the UK is a *massive* feat.

    (But maybe it had something more to do with the plum brandy she was feeding it with…)

    Lovely blog posts, this and the last one… I also was introduced to Campaign & it was such a nice surprise seeing your artwork there!

    • Marian

      Yes, that would be almost technically impossible in a Vancouver November! I can accept superstition as a cover for my fussiness.

      Maybe it’s like pie, where anything challenging to get right in one batch is even harder to mass produce.

  2. shaggykorean

    i love the name marzipan! i imagine to properly prepare the pan, it had to vacation at mardi gras first!

    • Marian

      This had me going off on a trek through word etymologies. That Mardi=Tuesday I had no excuse for not realizing, but I didn’t know that marzipan (marchpane!) was “March bread”.
      So I’m just saying, Tuesday comes around more often than March; I’m all for Mardipan.

  3. Maggie

    always enjoy your wants, those oils sound heavenly

  4. kpooky

    Hi, i just discovered your page via pinterest… and i am amazed. I simply cannot stop scrolling. I spend some time watching every one of your pictures a reading all you have written here since beginning, and its so great! I just want say you that i’m in love with your work and wish you good luck for another projects :) Please tell me you are preparing some comics book :3

  5. I have a good friend who is a foodie and used to run a catering company. Now, after seeing your wish for a temptingly dark fruitcake, I think I may challenge her with the task of making one. Perhaps if I phrase it correctly, I can make it sound to her like I’m questioning her skills and thus provoke her to prove her chops out of sheer indignation rather than meekly asking her to make me a fruitcake?

    …Hmm, upon reflection, perhaps it would be more friend-like to just ask instead of playing mind-games. But fruitcake…that sounds lovely, and your drawing of one has only added to that hunger. Personally, I’ve never understood the fruitcake-hatred that pop culture indulges with such relish. I quite like them.

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