Vancouver Update


For months I’ve been meaning to spruce up the Vancouver page, so here’s a start. Today I’ve added Bâtard Bakery. My god, it’s good. If you live nearby, then you should go there at once.

I’ve also decided that it’s time to give Hchom some proper attention, and update on a regular schedule for a while. So I’m going to do Monday/Wednesday/Friday – obviously not significant posts every time, but we’ll see how that goes for the next few weeks.


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5 responses to “Vancouver Update

  1. A regular scheduled update would be great! I’m looking forward to it.

    I know how it is – I almost never update my Tumblr page…or my deviantArt page…and my blog has lain fallow for many years…but every now and again my attention gets called to them (the first two, at least) and I feel – maybe “guilty” isn’t the right word any more. It’s more along the lines of “Time is passing by and I’m clearly not spending nearly enough of that time making artwork, since I have nothing to post.”

  2. Sistarrrr

    Yesssss!! I look forward to seeing all the posts :)

  3. Jossette

    Hdhchxjcjckd I want to go there. Toast bar? I’ll take the lot!

  4. worth a try for vancouver bakeries, is the super brand new Fife bakery on w3rd ave, they have next level brioche and other cool treats.
    the people that run it are super sweet too :)

  5. Just checked this place out. The Breakfast Sandwich was excellent!

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