Want List


Here’s a quick want list:

1. I’m reading a fantasy series in which the characters always seem to be preparing pots of herbal or medicinal tea, and having people bring them cups, and so forth. Naturally I want all of those teas for myself, even though they’d just sit in my larder and go stale while I continued using my plain, cheap tea bags.

2. Lately I’ve had an overwhelming craving for this cold pasta that they used to sell (ages and ages ago) at one of the older fancy Vancouver grocery stores. A moderately skilled person might recreate it, but I just want one serving, and I think I’d end up spending $50 on ingredients only to bungle the whole batch. I’m trying to tell myself that this is about the time and the place rather than the food, but it’s not working very well and also might be bullshit.

3. Beeswax candles: so expensive, but so good to light on fire.

4. I want fresh seedy bread and cold butter. That, at least, should be easy enough. With any luck I’ll be bringing a plump loaf home within a few hours of this post.


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7 responses to “Want List

  1. Yum.

    Tea goes stale??

    • Marian

      I guess it doesn’t reeeally ever expire. But it gets less fresh, and slightly more dusty-tasting, doesn’t it? It’s possible that I’m just bad at storing tea.

  2. Jossette

    Ooooooh what’s the series?

  3. incidentally, last night I got caught with the tea shopping thing: got myself a bag of herbal mixture called “Druid’s potion”. And its lovely, too.

  4. apunkwithms

    Hi! I nominated you for the one lovely blog award because I love your blog go check it out at https://apunkwithms.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/one-lovely-blog-nomination/
    xo Becca

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