Shiny Collection


I’ve had a lot of requests, over the years, to list all my shinies. The only problem is, I’m a monster, and my shiny collection has spread so far beyond my control that I’m not even sure where it ends and I begin. So to save us from these grave existential questions, I’m going to try something more modest, and regularly highlight some of the best ones, starting with this giant wodge of smoky quartz.

I need you to know, this thing weighs more than a bowling ball, and I had to carry it five miles through the burning summer heat to get it home. I figure that’s about as close as I can come to snatching it from the hands of a dying king and fleeing to my lair.



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16 responses to “Shiny Collection

  1. revenantkeys

    It looks as though it should have been the heart of a golem.

  2. AMAZING. I love the photographic element! (The photographed element?) Does that mean you found it in nature?!

    • Marian

      I wish! I’d like to get into rockhounding, but I haven’t managed to make it happen – I had to purchase this with money like a mere mortal. My sister has found a couple things in her field work, though.

  3. Wow!
    I always came here for your beautiful drawings but I didn’t know you were into minerals, too!
    On what part of planet Earth did you find this? :) I’m an amateur rockhound myself.

    • Marian

      I wish I’d found it myself, but I just bought it from a store! Like a chump! Usually I ask where things were mined, but I guess I forgot in this case.
      I do really want to get into rockhounding, though, so tell me if you have any advice! I’ve been trying to lure people in to give it a go with me, and I know there are a few places within semi-reasonable driving range (including an opal mine).

      • yesthatmkreed

        O-O Opals you say? I need to renew my passport but I’ve been scheming on how to get someone to go with me to an opal mine for ages.

        • Marian

          This place is pretty small beans, I think (it’s called the Klinker opal mine, in Vernon BC) – I’m hoping I can convince my sister that it would be worth a three-day expedition. But in an alternate reality where I could afford it, I’d be your opal hunting buddy on a trip to Australia.

  4. projectedlibrarian

    Nice! Where were you hiking when you found it?

  5. That’s so cool! I love the rigid geometric angles of it, right down to the cracks. It looks like something out of a Moebius science-fantasy comic (except it would be the size of the Sears Building, hover, and speak with the voice of a chorus of children).

  6. Holy crap that thing is is rad! It’s so big and weird looking…it totally looks like it could be the mythical magical object in an epic fantasy story o_o

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