She Wolf Variant Cover


Image is doing a variant cover event in March, in support of Planned Parenthood – so this is my contribution: the variant cover for She Wolf #7.

Speaking in entirely selfish terms, I was excited to do this because I love drawing were creatures, or animals with creepy human hands. I based the cover loosely off of my old mural, which some of you might remember since I think I posted it on tumblr (it counts as Dragon Age fan art, sort of). I had to paint over it when I moved, but I plan to do another one soon – maybe a “cave canem”, this time – and I’ve even thought ahead: I have a 5×8 piece of plywood all ready and waiting.



The creepy animals + hands concept probably applies to these murals as well:



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5 responses to “She Wolf Variant Cover

  1. YES! Aaaah. Wow!! {^._.^}

  2. shaggykorean

    hands divine souls
    that have runneth over
    cup or crown

    she is at your door
    be it woods or

    try to hide
    you’re the one
    that lit the mire

  3. samanta

    What up on she wolf cover lol add

  4. Hi! I don’t know if you generally sell prints of your work, but I would very definitely buy a print of this wolf, if you ever make one. I picked up the variant, but I’m dying to hang this on my wall. Cheers!

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