Vancouver Update


This company, Hagensborg, has some kind of dark product marketing magic going on, because I would buy their chocolate just for the pig mascot. I didn’t draw the pig nearly well enough, here. It’s the most amazing creature, and I’m totally in its thrall, and I just want to watch it do stuff. Even though it can’t. It can’t do stuff, Marian, because it’s an inanimate illustration.

The chocolate is also excellent, just incidentally, and I recommend the single origin bars and the PB&J truffle.


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4 responses to “Vancouver Update

  1. Sisssstarrrr

    I always feel like that pig is playfully mocking me. The pig are so smug because they have all the chocolate and I have none.

  2. I was already mega craving chocolate today and then you went and drew chocolate and now anything I try to eat that’s not chocolate will surely turn to ash in my mouth. Darn youuuuu <3 T_T

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