I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this particular want. I feel like I must have, as it’s a long-term one, but anyway: I want a set of coveralls. Or a flight suit, if you prefer. I want one, and I want it to be huge, like a Bag of Holding for your body parts in the sense that mass and volume are made irrelevant by its magic.


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14 responses to “Coveralls

  1. Ryan

    I work at Princess Auto and we sell ’em… and we have a few stores in the Vancouver area… just sayin’… ;)

  2. People might see you and ask if you could take a look at their car. I guess you’d have to decide whether or not that was a good thing.

  3. Shanna

    I have a pair of khaki dickies coveralls I use for pottery and I loovvvee theeemmmm. I have a little art tool box for my supplies and I usually wear a ball cap and I feel pre-tty slick. They make me feel a bit dapper and ready to get down to business.

    I was in this same situation though! I had bought my coveralls previously and they were sitting in my closet. I really wanted to wear them out, but I eventually got into pottery so that became my excuse. I think if you get them in an interesting color it’ll push it more towards fashion territory, maybe with like some docs or something with the trousers rolled up.

    I couldn’t find a pair small enough when I was originally hunting for them so I had to order it off amazon. I went to Army & Navy initially but they were too big.

    • Marian

      I actually almost re-drew this picture before I posted it, to switch the converse for docs!

      Yeah, I hadn’t thought about the sizing – I forget that workwear sizes run large. I say I want them baggy, but probably not sooo baggy. I like that you wear them to pottery – it makes me wish I had the studio space for proper large scale painting, because they’d be perfect for that, and then I’d really have an excuse to hunt a pair down. And they’d be twice as awesome, all casually paint-smeared.

  4. Jossette

    Deepest pockets for treasures and snacks ! A demi baguette could fit in one of those pockets.

  5. I’ve recently worked out that my aesthetic seems most easily labelled as ‘space cowboy’ and I’ve also taken to looking for a flight suit. One that I can sew a few space-related patches to and wear with my black boots replete with silver conchos.

  6. The Seattle label Prairie Underground might have what you’re looking for:

  7. I found a pair of 80’s era beige coveralls last year. They’d never survive any type of serious work/outer space/motorbiking environment, flimsy enough that my underpants show through them, but there’s a tiny label on the left breast that just says “dreams” in cursive.

  8. hollyguild

    Mark’s Work Wearhouse, also.

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