I’ve recently found a regular group of lovely, experienced D&D players who are willing to let me join them. They’ll never get rid of me now, the poor souls, and neither will you in terms of having to hear all about it; so to start with, here’s my level one witch, Yrra.

I stole the name from one of my “retired” Skyrim characters (worth pointing out, since I posted them recently). She’s not terribly flashy, but – fortunately for me – one of the other players randomly rolled to be my overprotective twin sister, Yarra; so I have this ultra-competent barbarian who follows me around, and keeps me from dying, and hits things for ridiculous damage, and generally bolsters my character with her awesomeness. Not unlike my real sister! I gather that this is an actual in-game drawback: she suffers penalties if I take damage, and a permanent penalty if I die. But it pleases my sense of the dramatic, and it’s almost enough to make me hope that I do get eaten by a dragon, or something.

Anyway, in brief, Yrra has high intelligence and low charisma (that is the face of somebody who dumped charisma). I’m still getting a feel for her, but to start with, I think I’ll have her be obsessed with collecting and translating languages. Gotta catch them all, etc.

And of course, I had to choose the contents of my backpack in absurd detail, right down to the weight and origin of my makeshift mess kit (a hand-carved relic from home, aww), mostly for the purpose of drawing it all here:


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13 responses to “D&D

  1. That is so awesome! I’m glad you finally found a group. I hope their tastes are enough in alignment with your own that you really get satisfaction out of it; it sounds like you’ve got it pretty good so far (and I hope they realize how lucky they are to have you as a player!).

    I ran a game session as Dungeon Master over the weekend with a group of guys in their twenties (a few of whom had never played before), and while it was a fun one-shot game, I was also reminded how important it is to me to play with a group that want similar things out of their experience (roleplay emphasized over optimal character builds, character motivations other than being murderhobos, etc.).

    (And of course I love your drawings. That should be the boilerplate beneath every comment I make here, but it’s probably nice to hear every now and again.)

    • Marian

      Oh yeah, they seem really great! It’s a fairly goofy group, but I like that a lot – it’s a nice break from all the serious things I usual work on.

      I wonder if those guys you DMed for would have eventually settled into it, and developed their characters with real interest. At least, I’m guessing that when I was that age, it would have taken me several sessions to get over my self-consciousness, or my worry that if I was sincere, then people would mock me, etc. Maybe you’ve set them on the path – you never know.

  2. i would try to attune your connection to where if you cure light wounds on yourself, your sister would benefit from the healing as well. :)

    • Marian

      Haha – I think my DM might look at that one askance! Luckily our party has such an abundance of healers, that I never even have to ready it for myself.

  3. Holly Davis

    Sick anatomy on the buff twin! These colors are tastier than usual, too, like something adventure-themed that was printed twenty or thirty years ago… or is that just me.

    • Marian

      No, that’s totally accurate! I used to use old Heavy Metal Magazine fantasy comics (etc.) as a basis for my copic marker technique (insofar as that exists, at least).

  4. Oh, this is really exciting! I was wondering if we’d ever get a DnD post, so I’m happy to hear about the hopeless endlessly awesome adventures you’ll go on.

  5. Thomas Rosin

    This post has made my day! I’ve been looking for your posts of shinies and fashion for inspiration in my games for years and it makes me so happy that you’ve embraced this game ⚔️

  6. Jossette

    I’ve been doing dnd for a few weeks. Maybe 2 months. Do you ever just not want to go? Once I make plans, even if I know it will be fun, I just donttttt want to gooooo.

    • Marian

      Haha, I get that with almost every other social event, but in my case D&D is the exception. I’m so excited for it every week, it’s just ridiculous.
      But ooh, tell me about your character/class/etc. if you feel like it, because I always want to hear these things.

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