Skyrim Art


I’m working on a big paperwork-heavy thing right now, which means that my attention is wandering towards all the various fantasy games I’m not allowed to play. And somehow, despite the (literally) thousands of hours I’ve already sunk into it, I still find myself itching for Skyrim. Oh, Skyrim! Sweet, unmelting dopamine popsicle! I’ll never be able to quit you.

So here are some old pictures of what I now consider to be my “retired” characters (notwithstanding the lady on the upper left, above). If I do pick it up again after I’m done this thing, I’ll draw up a chart of my current cast.


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6 responses to “Skyrim Art

  1. Awesome. I played so much Skyrim, but never actually beat the main story! I got the Elder Scrolls Online collector’s edition too, but just for the statue — I never played the game :’)

    • Marian

      I did this with Oblivion! I played for hundreds of hours, and created a bunch of mods, and never beat the story. My friend eventually staged an intervention, and made me do it while she watched over my shoulder, but I would have left it indefinitely otherwise.

  2. I love this so much. I mean, I love all of your artwork, but your game-oriented stuff really rocks, and your love of Skyrim resonates in a deep harmonic chord within my heart. I’m in the midst of a lengthy commission work, and likewise my spirit longs for the crisp, clear winds coming down from the snowy peaks… I also dig that illustration of an Argonian. Man, I should make some Skyrim character art when I finish this project…

    • Marian

      Seriously. They really managed something incredible with that mountain scenery, didn’t they. If watching the sun set from the Throat of the World doesn’t get you in the guts, you must be dead inside.

  3. These are beautiful. I especially enjoy the personality spectrum you created for each. It’s clear you like to play characters who are different not only in skill and weaponry, but in personality and motivation, and completely relate to that. ☺️

  4. Art is very good and it’s the best!

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