December Wants

I always tell myself I won’t do any more want lists, because they’re essentially identical and people must be sick to death of them, but all my resolve collapses as soon as somebody (usually my mother) asks for one.  None of these are real requests (even though they’re extremely reasonable if I do say so myself). In fact, I’ve dedicated this winter to accumulating PC parts for what I hope will be a moderately monstrous gaming rig. That leaves me with lots of leftover yearning, however, and I will illustrate it here:

  1. Look at this necklace/sorcery! It’s a dark mirror reflecting nothing, and it would fixate me completely until one day I stepped across its threshold and disappeared forever. But I could also wear it, and people would give me compliments.
  2. If I were to write a terrible cash grab YA series, my protagonist’s poorly behaved, rich boyfriend would gift her endless quantities of Beta 5 chocolate. Nothing else in the plot would account for their supposed bond, and nothing else would need to.
  3. I’m not sure how to number this. Let’s say the pants are next. Why do pants have to be so difficult? I was just reading through some of my old journals, and in three seperate entries, lodged within deep, personal excavations, I wrote about how I needed to “get pants right”. I’ve made SOME progress – enough to know that these would probably suit me in the neat/loose way I prefer, and also fill my current white pants void. I used to wear only men’s pants, until finally, under duress, I accepted that however much I alter them, they don’t fit me. With the exception of vintage Levis, and I could use a pair of those, too.
  4. I want a bloody, dark red shiny, and it might as well be spinel, because I don’t have any.
  5. I also want a red candle, and it must be beeswax. Personal motto: spend all your money on things you will burn.
  6. I’m enjoying a toast renaissance, which means I’m going through about a jar of marmalade a week. I always want the bitterest seville orange, but I wouldn’t mind a really fancy version, just to switch things up.
  7. You can ignore the feather. It’s there to make the list look more witchy.
  8. I want to learn how to (properly) use paint and ink, which, by the way, I’m finding to be really fucking hard. Maybe if I had more supplies, and ideally one of those really expensive brushes made with Queen Victoria’s hair or whatever, then I’d pick it up faster!


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9 responses to “December Wants

  1. Beth

    Ooh your shiny illustration looks just like a chunk of zircon I picked up recently! And for the record I would unapologetically read your terrible cash grab YA novel – it sounds great.

    • Marian

      Ooh! I officially include zircon as an option for the blood red shiny!
      And thank you, maybe I’ll find the courage, someday, to write a terrible self-indulgent YA series. Only it would have to be a fantasy settings, with “genderless shadow monster thing” replacing “boyfried”. Maybe I can somehow keep the fancy chocolate…

  2. yesthatmkreed

    What kind of paints?

    • Marian

      I started with watercolours, but those are all inconsistent and painterly and hard (for me) to get just right, so I found these liquid acrylics that I like – they work more or less like ink.

  3. Jae

    I think your lists are some of my favorite things to see, so don’t worry about overdoing them! (Also, Labradorite is another stone you might enjoy!)

    • Marian

      Labradorite was the stone that inspired the whole shiny collection! So you’re definitely right. I still have my first piece – and it’s still one of my favourites.

  4. L

    Please never stop making want lists! I love them fiercely and they fill a special place in my soul. I should start making some myself…

    • Marian

      I highly recommend it! I find it even works as a kind of litmus test for how badly you really want something.

  5. Chris Lee

    The little Dark mirror looks like this piece of obsidian I’ve been polishing, It reminds me of an old flawed looking glass that makes everything darker. I was going to make a silver setting for a necklace but haven’t the supplies nor quite the know how yet. I love your want lists, they rekindled my love for trinkets and shiny’s

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