Birthday Wants 2021

Oh hey! I’m here to drop a birthday list. I was about to boast that I’d never missed one until I checked and saw that my last post was in 2019, But 2020 doesn’t count, obviously, so here you go.

2021 Birthday Wants, mostly the same as every previous year:

1. Coffee, as always. Plus, when I first moved away from my parents’ place, I “borrowed” these shiny red stoneware mugs and saucers and then gradually broke all but one, so I’m throwing them in as a bonus want: I’d kill to find a replacement set.

2. A croissant. Do you remember that one episode of Star Trek TNG where Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher mutually realize (because of a plot-related telepathic link) that they both want to eat croissant and coffee for breakfast, rather than the elaborate alien delicacies that Crusher has been arranging for them? Realest scene in television history.

3. Paintings supplies – open acrylics, ideally. I think these were on last year’s list, or several previous years’ lists, but the situation hasn’t changed. Illlustration demands precise focus, and I want a vent for all my pent up colour-hurling energy, but I keep putting off purchasing paint and canvas because the good (or even the good enough) shit is $$$$$$.

4. Every list has a shiny, and this year I want a giant, clear orange imperial topaz. Speaking of dollar signs.

5. Art supplies part two: oil pastels. I don’t think I’ve ever used them before, but  I have a hankering to try them. I imagine they’re like very fancy, smeary crayons.

6. Another list fixture, but I’m feeling it with extra longing this year: I have a bottomless need to spend time in forests. I’ll take any forest-adjacent region, at this point. Or any scrappy collection of trees. Whatever I can get, but preferably involving several hours of walking.

(This post was originally published on my Patreon, on May 20th.)


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5 responses to “Birthday Wants 2021

  1. Mikaela M

    Happy to see you’re posting again!

  2. I love these wishlist/want posts so much!

  3. Mario

    Happy to see you’re posting again! From time to time i take a look here and reread my hchom book when i miss your art <3 That forest thing catch me here too. I urge for shiny hunt!
    Greetings from Brazil

  4. The wishlist posts are my favorite!! And yes, oil pastels are like extremely smooth, smeary crayons. Like colored butter. Very satisfying!

  5. L

    Hi. I dont even know if you still check this, but I wanted to leave a comment anyway.
    I found your blog in the middle of quarantine and decided to start from the first post and read all the way through. Figured it would be a fun thing to read between rotations during my last year of pharmacy school, and I would also get to see some awesome art.
    I dont even know how to fully articulate what you and your blog mean to me. It feels like you’ve been there with me when I made and lost friend groups, when I was learning how to really be an adult, and when I graduated with my PharmD.
    So, uh, even though you don’t know me, thank you.

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