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O Skyrim


I’ve been playing Skyrim again. Or technically, I’ve been modding Skyrim in preparation for playing it, but either way, I decided to revisit my favourite characters, therefore it’s the perfect time to make good on my promise and collect them into a post. I apologise to anyone who doesn’t play or care about the game, because this will be incomprehensible! Continue reading


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Desert Island Meal

I’ve been listening to the Table Manners with Jessie Ware podcast, and the hosts always ask their guests what they’d choose for a “Last Meal on Earth” (then they correct it to “Desert Island Meal,” in case the first is too macabre). Ever since I picked up the show, I’ve been angsting and aaaangsting over this question! I’ve arranged (and rearranged) dishes in my head for months, and at last I’ve carved it down to four meals, the fewest I could manage:

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Art Sale!


Update: I’m amazed to say that I’ve already sold out! Thank you to everyone who made a purchase – I’m excited to do the sketches, and I’ll get everything mailed by the end of next week. I’ve updated the store with a second round of art, for anybody who missed the first lot.


The Hchom Book is out, and I wanted to do something by way of celebration, so I thought I’d put together an art sale with a promotional poster thrown in. I’ve never made a poster before, so I’m very excited about it. Posterposterposter!

This round, I’ve figured out a real sales page¬†with real paypal buttons, so you don’t have to email me and ask about stock. But please feel free to email me anyway, especially if there’s another illustration you’re interested in. I can check to see if I have it stored away somewhere.

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Love Food


I was listening to Dolly Alderton’s “Love Stories” podcast the other day, and she asked one of her guests (I’m paraphrasing loosely) what foods she ate when she was in love, and correspondingly what foods she ate when she was heartbroken. I liked this a lot and wanted to add my own version to the Hchom book, extending the list to include other categories. Yes, I am one of those disgusting people who gorges while reading, and you can suss out my favourite books by their smears!

I also wanted to post the list so I could get everybody else’s input. I think the question can be loose: what are your associations from a specific meal, or what foods do you crave in general when working, in love, etc.? I should add as an aside: I view “love”, here, as encompassing friends and family and whatever else, in addition to classic romantic love. I mean, I’ve consumed some exceptional pizza while spending time with The Elder Scrolls.


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