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I was listening to Dolly Alderton’s “Love Stories” podcast the other day, and she asked one of her guests (I’m paraphrasing loosely) what foods she ate when she was in love, and correspondingly what foods she ate when she was heartbroken. I liked this a lot and wanted to add my own version to the Hchom book, extending the list to include other categories. Yes, I am one of those disgusting people who gorges while reading, and you can suss out my favourite books by their smears!

I also wanted to post the list so I could get everybody else’s input. I think the question can be loose: what are your associations from a specific meal, or what foods do you crave in general when working, in love, etc.? I should add as an aside: I view “love”, here, as encompassing friends and family and whatever else, in addition to classic romantic love. I mean, I’ve consumed some exceptional pizza while spending time with The Elder Scrolls.


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8 responses to “Love Food

  1. ledachung

    I really love this! I think everyone who centers around food would definitely have this kind of association. :)

    I’d have to think on it, but some initial thoughts are;
    Love: Sushi (I always end up getting sushi with friends or loved ones).
    Heartbreak: I think it’s Ice cream and dense dark double chocolate cakes.
    Reading: I’d add some pepper jam to that crackers and cheese mix up!
    Working: This will sound gross but homemade “meal” smoothies. I love a good smoothie thick with PB and Oats. Or Almond B and Coconut.
    Restorative: Tomato Bisque with a hunk of crusty bread! Preferably in almost equal portions. ;D

    • Marian

      Yes! I almost put sushi in my “love” category, too – I’m not sure why I didn’t. And smoothies don’t sound at all gross, I wish I had some kind of smoothie making apparatus.

  2. Love this!!

    Love: Tacos, Lemon Sweets, Milk Tea (Preferably Rose Milk Tea)
    Heartbreak: Pizza, Sorbet or Gelato, Sweet Tea
    Reading: Fruit, Floral or Fruit Tea paired with some kind of Baked Good, Sandwiches (Preferably Avocado/Lettuce/Tomato with Turkey on Sourdough. This is also what I like to take with me to the beach.)
    Working: Cold Noodles, Pasta, Vanilla Yogurt with Lemon Curd, Iced Tea, Coffee (Sometimes)
    Restorative: Phở, Peanut Butter with Crackers, Herbal Tea

    As you can see I drink a lot of tea and love lemon sweets, haha.

    • Marian

      Ooh, Rose Milk Tea, I’ve never had that and I want it! Your list has given me a deep craving for tea and lemony things.

  3. Jasoctopus

    Love food encompasses a lot, so I will skip that, and I don’t eat when I’m heartbroken, so I will skip that, too.
    Reading food: I’m usually good about not eating while I read, but lately I’ve brought books to read at Five Guys. I’m quite good at not dripping ketchup or smearing french fry grease on my books. I also like Chex mix when I’m at home.
    Working food: Something with protein in it. I am on the move all day, and lifting stuff, so something to keep my energy up. Chicken and rice is always good.
    Restorative food: I got the flu for Christmas a few years ago, and beef stew pretty much single handedly brought me back to life. I’ve also become addicted to chicken fajita strips, french style green beans and either rice or potatoes on the side. It’s comfort food for me, so it restores the spirit.

  4. Kiel

    Love: Expensive food

    Heartbreak: cigarettes

  5. Kit

    Any white fish is definately in my restorative pile. And weak, milky tea, roast meat sandwiches, bread and lemon curd.

    Work food: Peas and broccoli with hard grated cheese, steamy bowls of hot food that I can cook in a microwave.

    Love food: salmon and tuna, burgers and massively overpowering stinky cheeses. If no stinky cheeses are available, then I’ll take soft cheese with a massive amount of pickle or fig or onion jam.

  6. Shani

    love foods: chicken pho, chocolate brownies, vegetarian lasagne! heartbreak foods… endless cups of tea, storebought muffins (the ones that they serve with too much cream), ham and cheese toasties. i guess love = happiness and warm filling food, heartbreak = being sad and lazy so just opting for a lot of sugar or salt!

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