The Hchom Book

The Hchom Book is coming out in a little over three weeks, on September 25th! This is what I’ve been working on (with much love and obsession) all summer. It collects most of the Hchom archives, but is also peppered through with new artwork, and I hope very much that you like it. Here’s the amazon link for a start, but of course I encourage you to pester your local comic book shop and see if they’re willing to order it in.

I have plans for a fun, supplementary project in some form, and maybe an art sale to launch it all, so more on that as September progresses!


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4 responses to “The Hchom Book

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to get a copy. Thanks again for publishing this, so we can have a nicely bound collection of all of your stuff!


    YEP !!! Bonne nouvelle !

  3. asking my local goblin market to order several! we appreciate every shiny you share marian!

  4. Excellent! Just confirmed with Comix Experience here in SF that they’ll be getting a few in. Person at the shop said, “We love Marian.”

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