Birthday Wants


I was recently reminded that I’m due for a birthday want list, so I’ve placed it at the top of the queue.

This is mostly self descriptive, but let me whine for a moment about the red pants! God, you guys, they are so perfect. Look at them. I tried to order them twice, only to have my order cancelled twice – the first time because they wouldn’t ship to Canada, and the second time because there was a stock oversight and they were out of my size – meaning they now have the allure of something that has been comprehensively denied to me.

The red Crash Bandicoot shirt, alas, does not really exist. The forest witch I’m still hopeful about.


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9 responses to “Birthday Wants

  1. I think we would all do well to have a forest witch friend that we could chill with and regain our sense of calm and perspective and wonder at the natural world.

  2. Aida


  3. Who knows, maybe this potential forest witch friend of yours could conjure up a Crash t-shirt…

    • Marian

      She might be just a little offended that this is the way I choose to make use of her profound magical powers. On the other hand, she’s my friend, so maybe she rolls her eyes and conjures it anyway.

  4. Jasoctopus

    It has been a cruddy week for me. This post made it worth suffering through. :)
    I imagine someone from somewhere has an etsy shop or Pinterest post about a Crash shirt. It wouldn’t be licensed, but a woman wearing all red with a witch friend shouldn’t worry about muggle laws anyways. I’d like to imagine your wardrobe goes even further by incorporating a long wizard cloak and pointy hat, both red. And the orange wodge could be the topper of your staff! Wow. I don’t know the reality of how your birthday will go, but in my head, you are a red, ghibli wizard walking through a cobblestone city to find a coffee/bakery with your sassy talking dog familiar. I hope your birthday is somewhat as magical as that.
    It’s great to see you posting again, Red Wizard of The Wastes.

    • Marian

      This picture of me as a red ghibli Wizard is almost a better present than the real full red outfit, thank you. Now I really need to make this (very gratifying) vision a reality.

  5. Sentience

    In my head, and in my heart, I am the witch with the poison garden. In the flesh, however, not as much.

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