The Passing



Some of you will have noticed (hard to ignore 40 emails arriving at once – sorryy) that I erased the old Hchom, only to change my mind and put it all back up again. Interrupting that favourite old coping mechanism was a big thing, for me, and I wanted to write a long post about it: that post turned into this comic, which turned into something much more personal than I expected.

So here is the website, now evolved rather than replaced. Some content, like the “About” section, is a temporary stand-in, and the Vancouver page is just hanging around until I either refurbish it or think of another project. If you guys have requests for things you’d like to see, I’d be thrilled to hear them!

And in the spirit of owning my history, I thought I’d start (some time next week) by posting collections of truly old art, from my early twenties and so on. Gird thy loins.

Last of all, I have a book collecting the Hchom content coming out in September. More about this as the time approaches, but for now see the “Books” section – I’m all flapping excited, and I can’t wait.


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36 responses to “The Passing

  1. George

    This was beautiful, thank you so much for this. I really identified in a way with a lot of these moments. I’m glad you’re going to be updating this blog, the things I would like to see are more of your fantasy character designs, also if you could post some pics or anything of that Elder scrolls mods I remember vaguely you used to talk about.

    • Marian

      Thank you! For the ideas, as well – a modding post is a really interesting idea (and more fantasy character designs is a given, sooner or later).

  2. Joe Proud

    I’ve been following Hchom for a long time and I’ve only ever commented a couple times. I’m really happy that you’ve decided against erasing the site forever. I’ve enjoyed every one of your posts and I look forward to seeing more of whatever you’re willing to share.

  3. I literally cannot wait for the “Hchom” book- I told my local comic book shop to pre-order it for me the very first moment it becomes available! This comic was a lovely thing to read.

    • Marian

      You know I’d be thrilled to send you one! Maybe I’ll do a supplementary zine thing, for the book, in which case I can at least send you that.

  4. mellea

    Thank you so much.

    I’ve been a fan of Hchom for a long while, and I missed seeing your posts dearly when you left. This comment really hit a nerve with me, and I really appreciate you posting.

    Looking forward to things to come!

  5. Sean

    It’s great to see you post here again! And wow, what a terrific comic. As for requests, I’d love to see those life drawings you’ve been posting on Instagrqm here, cause they are awesome. Looking forward to the book!

    • Marian

      Thank you! And that’s a good idea – I’ll try drawing on more scanner friendly paper, next time I go.

  6. Marc

    I’m also so glad you haven’t erased all old posts. I can’t wait to have you back posting!
    Maybe I’d like to see more The Crossing posts? Those ideas and art were absolutely mind-blowing!

  7. shaggykorean

    life is a prism and sometimes it can be blinding. i want you to know that every thing you’ve shared i felt the importance of it, of a sort like invited to a smuggler’s den and all these wonderful things were to be wrapped up and delivered into waiting hands, leaving their once thrus as some sort of proof, as you say some passing.. hugs for the journey marian! wherever the sky lends itself, your adventurous mind has always drawn the best treasure maps! you are the treasure!

  8. a.b.

    this comic kind of speaks to me as someone who has also tried to purge things and people from their life… it’s like i want to have control over how others see me, and sometimes the best way to obtain that control is to isolate myself almost completely. lately things have been changing for me; i’m letting more people in, my life seems messier and i feel less in control, but i’m happier too.

    anyway, i love your art and am looking forward to the upcoming hchom book.

    • Marian

      Thank you, and well said. It’s hard to see losing of control as a good thing, but it definitely is for me.

  9. Hey, I love you. Not in, like, a creepy, stalkery, I’m-texting-from-the-bushes-outside-your-window way, but in a “I only know you from your artwork and you don’t know me from Adam, but I feel this sense of sympathetic camaraderie because the things you say through your drawings and the way you draw them pluck at strings inside me that make lovely and familiar chords and remind me that I’m not really alone in my passions and fears” kind of way. I have a tendency to go hermit, too, and shut out my close friends more than I should (how much *should* I shut out my close friends?). I’ve also drawn next to nothing for months, because part of me has totally given up hope of ever completing even a single slender pamphlet’s worth of comics. So it really stirs something to read this comic you’ve drawn. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and it gives me a smidgen of hope for myself, too.

    And of course I’m super-glad you’re keeping Hchom around and reposting your old artwork, because your work is so beautiful and inspiring to me as an artist (and a fantasy fan, and a roleplaying gamer, and a video gamer, etc.). And a book! Aaaaaah, yeah!

    The world would be a poorer place without your work out in it for everyone to see.

    • Marian

      Thank you so much, Devin. I have sincere love for anybody who connects with my work, so it’s all mutual. And yes, I’ve definitely had to work hard to get rid of the idea that time means anything in terms of creating things, or that there’s such a concept as too late.

  10. Mariaaaaaan! This is really great ; u ;

    Glad to see that you decided against jettisoning the whole of HCHOM (stop hoarding all the shineys!!!!)

    Hope you’re doing well! It’s been ages.

    • Marian

      Jaaaaaaaaaaaaamesssss! You know I’ll never stop hoarding the shinies, but it has been forever, and my precious armchair, here, is looking very pristine and uncontaminated. I miss you guys lots – I need to find an excuse to be in your neighbourhood so I can vizzy.

  11. Kiel

    Thank you for coming back. You are important.

  12. Jeremy Allen

    I first heard about you via Arclight (which was Staggeringly beautiful, by the way; can’t stop re-reading it), and today Brandon Graham posted a link to this comic. I have to say, it hits in ways I hadn’t wanted to address in my own life, so well done on that front. Your work is inspiring, and I look forward to perusing this “Hchom” comic, as well as your other work.

    Consider me a fan!

  13. This is beautiful and I feel it in my bones. I found your work via hchom years ago and have really admired it since then. I remember ordering Beast soon after just so I’d have some of your work physically in my place because it was so refreshing as I was in the middle of my undergraduate. I am so thrilled to see more and to hear your voice! :)

  14. Sam

    This entire comic created a staggeringly beautiful feeling in me. I can’t wait for the Hchom book, I’d love to preorder it if I could.

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  16. K V

    It’s good to have you back around. As someone with a shared penchant for self inflicted Hermitage, I felt this deeply. The hope you show for yourself in those final panels is really beautiful.

  17. This was a fabulous read! My only questions are: how do I go through this transformation? Any advice?

  18. I’m so glad to see you back.

  19. Benjamin

    This is wonderful, welcome back Marian!

  20. Thank you for this. I don’t quite have words right now to express how much i feel like i can understand this. I’m going tohurgh what feels like the longest break up in history and i guess i related it all to this- away, sometimes you read comics at the right moments and it resonates, so thank you..;;

  21. This post is amazing and resonated with me profoundly. I stumbled accross hchom years ago and have lurked ever since. Only ever started commenting when you said you were taking the site down. Its like coming home to see everything here again. Weird how someone you’ve never spoken to can matter so much… I still dream about goblins and shinies and mountains. You’re a beautiful soul and your art is touching. Im very grateful for all your work.

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