Look. Brandon and my sister made me an adventurer’s inventory. There may have been some high-pitched noises, it’s hard to say.

Happy cribbers, people!


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18 responses to “Cribbers

  1. Wood

    You are so lucky !

    I love how “Bonne Maman” became “Bone Woman”. This is how I’ll read it from now.

    Also, “stolen truffles souls” ? Are the truffles stolen, or just their souls ? Or both ?

    We don’t take lightly to truffle theft, in France. Just the other week a guy was shot to death over a fistful of truffles.

    • Marian

      Oh, that’s why it’s “Bone Woman”! I never put that together. Now I’ll be thinking the same thing, for all the products.

      Brandon says that they grow the truffles (legitimately, I assume), and then they “steal the souls from the sweet baby truffles”.

  2. I just love seeing the photos of your treasures. ♥

    I got myself that very same type of hedgehog for myself for Christmas, he is an emissary for the Princess of the Forest now. ♥

    Sadly there are powers out there trying to incite a war between the Forest and the Meadow, but they won’t let it happen! For the good of the subjects!

    • Marian

      No doubt our hedgehogs have a secret communications system. The creatures of the forest are wily.

      • The emissary leaves gooseberries in a blackberry bush, and hidden amongst the roots is a tiny scrap of paper with a coded message. ♥

  3. An adventure inventory? Lucky!!

  4. Klovharu

    Om gaaaaawwwd. I’m wicked jellies.

  5. Sister

    How have you not consumed the chocolate yet?

  6. Sachi

    omgx10. x100.

    • Marian

      You are smart about these things. Tell me what I can do with truffle oil (that doesn’t involve cooking… except maybe soup)!

  7. Sachi

    truffle oil? I put it in TC sometimes. Anywhere there is mushrooms, you can add it for a mushroomy oomf. Also on buttered noodles with parmesan. Or risotto. Or hearty, creamy soups. Or scrambled egg. Or dip dip for GB.

    Geeebeee! They are nowhere to be found in Toronto. Le heaving, wistful sigh.

  8. Sachi

    p.s. what was in the secret box?

    • Marian

      One blackcurrant chocolate truffle, and one earl grey one.

      They’re from this new(ish) chocolate place on Main street, near Eugene Choo. It’s all tiny and perfect, and run by the nerniest French ladies, like, you have no idea. Remember Sunshine the Saturna Girlfriend, from our magical island life? That is how I feel about them.

  9. I just kinda love everything about this!
    You’ve got tactile real objects that you can touch and eat combined with character + story + hedgehogs. Amazing. It tickles the brain and the tummy.

    Happy Holidays :)

  10. What excellent holiday gifts!

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