2010, so far

Happy New Year(‘s Eve). I went through my camera’s memory card, and below are some hchommish things from the past year that never made it up for one reason or another. There are quite a lot of round, baked food objects. Apparently that’s what I’m into.

My plans for tonight involve watching a documentary about the solar system with my dog. This is not a night to waste on fripperies, people. Get right down to the good stuff.


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16 responses to “2010, so far

  1. YAY! Here’s to a 2011 FILLED with more hchomish things!

    • Marian

      I (selfishly) second that. My woodland outpost will be well-stocked.

    • mkonlemntaey30 on December 30, 2009 they are the same car, and the escalade is listed at like $20,000 more. the inside is the same, same chassis, smaller engine in the escalade, and some more bling on the escalade, not worth an extra $20,000.

  2. kim

    such a great pageantry of photography marian!

    happily newish and imminent year :)

  3. Those are some beautiful photos.

    Here’s hoping this next year brings even more beauty that finds itself in front of your lens. ♥

    • Marian

      Thanks! I’ll be very happy to try and place myself amongst beautiful (and frequently tasty) things whenever I can manage it.

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  4. Sachi

    I want all the buns.

    • Marian

      I thought of you when I made the star-topped mincies. Remember when you decided what foods everyone was? And that was you? And I was a beet/quince. Because you know me, strangely fragrant and difficult to do anything with.

      • sachikopivot

        Of coooourse! I like how I appointed myself the most smugly cute food ever. In retrospect, I was probably more like a cheap waxy-chocolate liqueur.

        But now, I am way more like a star-top minced pie. Mmm hmm. Wee and sweet.

        I think it was the quince because you were a nernie from another era, and complex. But you know, compelling. You are probably more of an adventure muffin. A seedcake. With a shiny inside.

  5. Kirk

    Dammit, why does reading your blog always make me hungry? Now I want a muffin….

  6. Sister


    • Marian

      We did pretty good, yeah? We should do SPACE ADVENTURE SCRABBLE next time. Although, only if “warnog” can count as a word.

  7. Eve

    Everything edible looks so incredibly delicious. The starry mini-pies are very cute :)

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