2011, so far

This a perfect muffin, if ever there was one. Look at its split flanks, all golden and seedy.

This is probably the closest I’m ever going to come to that ideal seedcake of legend. You know the seedcake in The Hobbit, that Bilbo is forced to share with the Dwarves? I’m obsessed with it. I think about it almost daily. Fuck a dragon, it’s all about the seedcake! There’s a good seedcake scene in Jane Eyre, too. It’s a thing, I’m telling you. Literary seedcake. And this muffin is pretty much there.


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8 responses to “2011, so far

  1. nout

    That’s… Well Freudian, probably ^_^ Muffins & seed-obsessions! You ARE Brandon’s girl by rights, that’s for sure.
    Does look like a seriously tasty muffin.
    I made brownie for New Year’s: 400g of chocolate for 100g of flour. Man that’s chocolate.
    Have a great & prolific 2011!

    • Marian

      Ah well, what isn’t Freudian? Poor Brandon, by this interpretation! I never share my muffins with him…
      Also, that sounds like a proper brownie.

  2. Kimiko

    I think Nigella’s new book has a recipe for seedcake in it.

    I am rereading Sunshine and thinking of you often.

    • Marian

      Does it? I need to get all up in that.

      Did Sachi mention? I’m going to a Toronto convention in May, and staying a few days extra for visits. I miss my nernies!

  3. I thought I should tell you eventually how delightful and incredibly compelling I find your blog to be, and that I’ve been a loyal follower for a while. It’s the right balance of smarts, silliness and tasty things. Thanks for posting. (Also I love Beast!!)

  4. Tabris Macbeth

    Hey, fun fact! Type “hobbit see” into Google, and “hobbit seed cake” pops up.

    And that, folks, is the most pointless comment EVER! Good night, and good luck.


  5. I just finished a page in ‘Gormenghast’ where a Professor runs into a room with his arms piled high with notebooks and his mouth stuffed with seedcake.

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