Loff Scarf

You remember the scarf on my want list? Sachi, my nernie since the days of yore, actually ordered it for me as a surprise gift. You guys should all know about Sachi. She’s an absurdly good poet. This is her book, much extolled. But I knew her back when she was an unknown fancy entity, and that makes me fancy too. BNE!

The goblin will model it for us (also wearing this Yoshi Kondo coat that I see in the Lark window every day [in the same range as the jacket I drew here. It’s that mysterious shade of rose-taupe that really makes it stand out, and I still want it with the burning passion of a thousand exploding suns]). 

Here’s the scarf, real-time. It is probably the most perfect scarf ever made. It’s hard to tell here, but the weft yarn and the woof yarn are very slightly different shades of grey.

I am calling it my Loff Scarf. Scarf Loff!


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9 responses to “Loff Scarf

  1. kim

    loff loff scarf scarf :)

  2. Sister

    I loff its wool flops

  3. Sachi


    I am so happy you like it. Also, I had people over last night and they were admiring your Art. Mm hmm. And then I showed off your book. I know this girl? She’s pretty fancy. Yup. (satisfied head nod.)

    Remote hugging of flops!

  4. travel-size palantir ftw.
    can it only talk to other green spheres, or is there like a hub where an irritable nine-headed dragon directs call traffic?
    [pretty sure that was a penny arcade bit but i can’t find it now]

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    • Marian

      Oh hey, it’s that thing I watch every day! Fancy that.

      I’ll be mentioning Skyrim at the end of the week, actually, so this is timely.

  6. Horse

    oh hello again! this comment has absolutely nothing to do with scarves or any of the other comments, so please excuse my putting it here. it’s just that i happened upon this shiny-shaped soap and well, i liked it so i thought you might too.

    here it be: http://www.etsy.com/shop/amethystsoap

    carry on!

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