Things I Want 3

I have a fine collection of old videogame maps. Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI, Zelda: A Link to the Past, etc. They are nerd gold, well besmeared from hard use, ripped-up and taped back together again. I’ve been wanting to frame them for something like the last fifteen years, but even half-decent frames are so expensive that I’ve never been able to do it.

This is an ongoing want, though. A patient want. Many want-lists into the future, it will still be there, wanting away quietly.


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13 responses to “Things I Want 3

  1. kim

    i remember my ultima cloth map! treasure is buring in the hearts of young adventurers :)

    • Marian

      I had an Ultima cloth map too! I lost it, though, which I’m upset about even now. It’s the one that got away.

  2. Klovharu

    For a long second I thought that was a photograph of your actual map on your actual wall. You have blurred the boundary between real and fictitious space. How dare you.

  3. mdbauman

    That is beyond awesome. I wish they still shipped cool things with games. Cloth maps and hardcover manuals in those Working Designs collections were awesome.

    • Marian

      I wish so too. I guess with downloadable games becoming the norm, it’s just going to get less and less likely.

  4. Kallisti

    I have a few maps too, Final Fantasy 3 and Chronotrigger, which had a really sweet Toriyama illustration on the back. I later traded Chronotrigger for Secret of Mana though, well worth it in my eyes!

    • Marian

      I had those Chrono-Trigger Toriyama posters too! Man, they were cool. But I don’t remember the map on the back – I guess that’s another one I lost. Damn.

  5. I wish I could get copies of the maps they put in the front of fantasy books! Many times flipping between the page I was on and the map squished in between the title page and the table of contents made me long for one I could hang on the wall or just keep open beside me while I read. It would be cool to be able to track the character’s movement across it like you do a video game.

    • Marian

      I love maps in books. There should be a website that prints them out as posters, on demand (somehow without it being illegal).

  6. Ikea is where I buy frames, it’s the cheapest place here in the UK. I only get there once a year, so have many things in the “to frame” pile.

    The next issue of Solipsistic Pop (UK Anthology) has a theme of maps.

  7. i frame pictures for a living and i can tell you what to do that is pretty cheap. those maps are not likely to be worth a damn monetarily. so get them drymounted, but be smart and have them drymounted archivally. it’s a different type of foamboard than the regular stuff and someone that knows what they are doing can remove them from it if that’s what you want in the future. why do this? 2 reasons. 1, they are now flat and no longer rolled up in a ball or folded into oblivion in the corner of your apartment, and can be cheaply displayed. 2, if and when you get the money to frame them professionally (hit me up, yo) then being drymounted already will save you some bucks because most framers charge a mounting fee in addition to all the other crap they toss on. the absolute best way to do this though is buy a frame out right, as in, have someone build you nothing but the frame and drymount (archivally) the pictures. then get some glass and put it all together yourself. expect to save possible hundreds of dollars this way.

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